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Number 11 Fan- January 3rd 2013

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks- September 4th 2012

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No Guts No Glory- February 23rd 2012

A Tanzanian Thanksgiving (or ketchup, mustard and unicorns)- December 16th 2011

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You're an 'a'- May 8th 2010

Role Modeling It- March 7th 2010

Spokesman Review- February 10th 2010

5,000 Miles for Pancakes- November 22nd 2009

He Stole All My Moves- October 29th 2009

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I Jumped Rope in an Active Volcano- October 2nd 2009

Australia- September 9th 2009

I Learned From Dan Heaton - Columbia Sportswear Sponsored Unicyclist- June 13th 2009

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Sleet, Ice and a 4 Day Weekend- February 23rd 2008

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Snow, Sleep and a Bunch of Crazy People- February 1st 2008

Chicago- January 25th 2008

Snow, College, Snow- January 16th 2008

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Fall Tour : Completed- December 21st 2007

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Death Valley- December 6th 2007

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Salinas, CA - Waxahachie, TX- October 29th 2007

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Highest city in U.S.- September 28th 2007

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