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His unique ability and talent was the perfect way to grab our students attention. They were amazed at his skills.


Dana Gros | Student Council Advisor/Teacher
South Lafourche High School
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October 30th

It's Halloween! As is quite typical for me this time of year, I am bouncing around the country performing my jump rope show in schools and at Fall Festival events. Today I had a school in Grand Rapids, MI that had some very excited kids. Tonight I will be performing at an event that is expected to have 3,000-5,000 people in attendance. It should be a ton of fun and lots of energy from those sugared up children! I performed at a school in Flint yesterday and had a show at a different Fall Festival in Hoover, AL 2 days ago (Wednesday night). Yeah, it's busy. Oh.....I'm also going to Egypt on Monday!

Egypt? Really? Oddly enough I received 2 calls within 2 days about performing and teaching in Egypt this year. The first event that I am going for is a festival that is expected to have over 15,000 people per day. I will be doing 3 shows per day and then taking a week long trip with Alicia to see some of the awesome sights in Luxor and the Sinai Peninsula. We then jet back to Cairo to teach 4 days of workshops for the second group that contacted me. They want to learn how to jump rope and I'm very excited to have the opportunity to teach them!

I will give a more detailed report of the trip after it happens since I will know what actually occurred at that point in time. I'm looking forward to the show tonight and expect some awesome stuff to happen! I love performing and getting to see so many exciting places around the world.

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