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Mr. Nestler’s program is excellent! Not only were the students enthralled with his tricks and incredible skill, but his message about hard work and goal-setting was spot on. He made sure that his message was impactful and continued to review the main points throughout the presentation. We will absolutely have him out again and again!

Julie Thrift | School Counselor | Stinson Elementary School | Richmond, TX

It is my pleasure to recommend Fused with Peter Nestler for an assembly/presentation at your school or organization. As Principal of a PK-8 school, I was hesitant to bring him in for the entire school. However, he was very flexible in providing us with two age-appropriate assemblies (PK-4 and Gr 5-8). His message to the students was a positive one, highlighting the fact that all of the students should find their passion, regardless of what that may be. His skill level is remarkable, and he did a wonderful job interacting and engaging with each group of students. It was nice of him to provide opportunities for students to ask questions at the end, even staying a few minutes later to address those last-minute ones.

In a world that is filled with screens, technology, and social media, it was nice to see the students so mesmerized by a guy, a jump rope, and a unicycle. You won’t regret bringing him into your school for a presentation.

Scott Lipson | Principal | Delaware Township School | Sergeantsville, NJ

Peter Nestler came to our elementary school for a Jump Rope for Heart assembly last week. To say he was fabulous would be an understatement. He put on a terrific performance that held the attention of all the students for 45 minutes, then worked with each gym class on their jump roping skills throughout the course of the day. He has tremendous talent and a great message about grit, perseverance and practice. We loved having him.

Stacy McGratty | PTA President | Farmingville Elementary School | Ridgefield, CT

Peter Nestler performed for our 4th and 5th grade student body this week. The students thoroughly enjoyed his performance. His message of hard work and perseverance was clearly conveyed. Our 615 students were engaged throughout the performance; he even included staff and student participation. I would highly recommend his performances to any upper level elementary school.

Andrea Spinney | Principal | Princeton Elementary | Princeton, LA

With over 30 years of working in elementary schools, both public and private, overseas and in the United States, I can say that when I think of a great performance for kids, I think of Peter. He's dynamic, creative, energetic, and varied in his skills with the jump ropes, juggling materials, and unicycle. We have three guidelines (be responsible, make smart choices, and be a great friend) which I asked Per to promote, and he blended these beautifully into his performance.

We've had Peter perform twice, and when the children heard he was coming back, they were elated! I know budgets are tight, and we have to choose carefully, but I can assure you that Peter's fee is money well spent due to his showmanship, his talent, and the power of his message. He's an inspiration to everyone in the audience, regardless of age!

Susan Boyer | Lower School Director | Cape Fear Academy | Wilmington, NC

This is such an excellent assembly that was presented in a unique way that kept every student fully engaged. Peter was able to reinforce his message of having a strong work ethic through sharing his experiences and jump rope tricks. This was one of the best assemblies ever!

Heather Oros | Activities Director | Shaler Area Elementary | Glenshaw, PA

Thank you for performing at our school this March. Not only did your talent impress us, but the message you shared with the students was fantastic. Your records speak for themselves but when the students and staff had the chance to see what hard work, dedication and commitment can do, we were blown away.

I will highly recommend you to the other schools in our area. Thank you for your message and for sharing your amazing talent with our Blanton Knights.

Kristin Jenkins | PTA President | Blanton Elementary | Argyle, TX

I had the pleasure of having Peter Nestler, "Jump Rope Master", perform at my school. Mr. Nestler was very prompt and professional when answering my inquiry about his performance schedule and pricing. Once we found a date that would accommodate both our schedules, Mr. Nestler was sure to return all the necessary documentation required by my district in a timely manner.
On the day of our assembly, Mr. Nestler arrived early to set up and familiarize himself with the performance room. The performance itself was excellent! Mr. Nestler was engaging and fun, and also included some students and teachers in the performance. My after-school program has had its share of assemblies, and I have sometimes had students complain about "boring" performers. This was not so with the "Jump Rope Master". The students were excited about the performance, and requested that he returns to perform again. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend Peter Nestler, "Jump Rope Master", for your next school performance.

Eboni Garrett | Site Coordinator | Aspire After School Program | North Richland Hills, TX

Your performance for our 4th and 5th grade students to kick off Jump Rope for Heart was wonderful. We noticed that many more students were involved in the Jump Rope for Heart program this year than in previous years.

Peter Nestler gave a thrilling performance that got students excited and engaged. He did a spectacular job of incorporating a positive message about health and perseverance into his show. His message taught students the importance of good sportsmanship and hard work.

Due to typical Chicagoland winter weather our original day for the assembly was a snow day. Peter rearranged his schedule and flight to accommodate our needs. He was extremely patient and flexible. Our students were excited to hear that the assembly was not canceled.

We would highly recommend Peter Nestler's program to anyone who wants to motivate and inspire students of all ages.

Carol Koch | Principal | Ludwig Elementary School | Lockport, IL

Mr. Peter Nestler delivered a motivating and entertaining assembly to Skyview Upper Elementary School this past January. Mr. Nestler executed many jump roping routines and tricks that kept our students on the edge of their seats. He engaged our students and some of our teachers in his performance.

The message that was conveyed to our students was to "practice hard" on whatever you are doing. Whether it is in the classroom or on the athletic fields or courts, students need to focus their attention and work hard to better themselves. Mr. Nestler shared his personal experience and how he "practiced hard" and reached the personal goals he set for himself.

Mr. Nestler's Rope Masters assembly was an exciting and engaging experience for our students communicating a message for all that was in attendance. I would highly recommend Mr. Nestler performing at your school in the near future.

John M. Smink | Assistant Principal | Skyview Upper Elementary School | Eagleville, PA

We used Peter's visit to kick-start our Jump Rope For Heart Event for our 6th and 7th grade students, but the assembly contributed a lot more to our students than we ever expected. Peter Nestler had every class actively engaged and excited about jumping rope. He not only amazed students with his free style jump roping, unicycle jump rope tricks, and glow in the dark performance but he delivered a strong message as well. He inspired students to set goals, make a plan, and practice until your desired goal is achieved. This message is something that will be useful to students throughout not only their middle school years but their entire life.

Since Peter's visit we have started to incorporate jump roping as warm ups every day in our classes. The students are excited to be jump roping and are disappointed if we skip a day for a different activity. Many students are attempting some of the tricks that were showcased through the assembly and the interest level has increased tremendously. We are doing our best to continue to reinforce the message that Peter delivered and teach our students that they can do anything they set their mind to as long as they take the appropriate steps. Peter Nestler's performance was entertaining, engaging, and had some of our students on the edge of their seats throughout the entire performance. We hope that he can come back in the future and help further inspire our students.

Kelly Bray, Nicholas Cicarelli, Christopher Mazurk | PE Teachers | Chatham Middle School | Chatham, NJ

Peter Nestler gave an excellent performance for our Pre-k through grade 5 students. His jump roping was riveting and by including students he kept the audience totally engaged. He took students who did not know how to jump rope and had them do it by following directions and trying. The message he gave to the children was that they need to work hard and practice if they want to be a champion at something.
Excellent show, great person to deal with, amazing talent, and great message.

Patricia Zadrozny | Resources | SOUTH SIDE SCHOOL | Bristol, CT

This letter is a recommendation for Peter Nestler of Rope Masters. He visited our school and ran two shows, one geared for our primary students and one geared toward our intermediate students. He was very engaging and the students were thrilled to have him here. They really enjoyed being able to participate in a small portion of the show. As an educator, I appreciated his message that anyone can be a champion at any age with hard work.
Our PTO sponsored Peter's visit and we found him to be flexible and very easy to work with. I would recommend his performance.

Stephanie Wheeler | Principal | Webster Elementary | Webster, NH

Listen To Vicki Falco We are excited to say that we just finished our school assembly with Peter Nestler, he was amazing! First of all, we have Pre-K through 12th Grade and he kept the entire audience engaged. His message was awesome, he built the kids up, he taught them about being a champion and what it was like being a champion and how hard the work was. Our kids were inspired and I know will do better. It's pulled us together as a school and we felt that his whole assembly was beyond awesome! If you have the opportunity to bring him to your school, I would highly recommend you do so.

Vicki Falco | Founder | Champion Preparatory Academy | Apopka, FL

I wanted to express how grateful I am for having the Rope Masters attend our Healthy Kids Day event at the Rose E. Schneider YMCA in Cranberry, PA. Rope Masters was a great show that kept all children of all ages engaged. It taught them valuable lessons about treating your body with respect. I would highly recommend this show to any school and YMCA.

Natalie Bridge | Youth and Family Director | Rose E Schneider Family YMCA | Cranberry Township, PA

Listen To Christy Flowers We just enjoyed a wonderful motivational assembly with Peter Nestler, the Rope Master. My children are Kindergarten through 2nd Grade and they were inspired, encouraged and challenged to practice hard every day to achieve great things. What I'm excited about is that we can take that lesson from the Rope Master and apply it to their academics as well. Today was a wonderful assembly and if you consider having him at your school, I would highly encourage it.

Christy Flowers | Principal | Reid Elementary | Goodrich, MI

Listen To Heather McAfee We just had the Rope Master and it was excellent. The message was compelling and really important for the kids. The assembly was also really impactful for the kids. They were very attentive and really enjoyed and learned a lot from it too. I would definitely recommend the Rope Master for your assembly.

Heather McAfee | PFA Assembly Coordinator | Marshall Elementary | Wexford, PA

Listen To Maureeen Maier I would highly recommend Rope Masters for one of your assemblies. It was very appropriate for the students that were here, the age groups that were here, Kindergarten - 6th grade. The students were engaged the entire time. They were very professional. I appreciated how they spoke and what they talked about and how they handled the children. The whole performance was well worth every minute! If you ever have any questions about this please feel free to call me and I can give you even more details. I highly recommend bringing Rope Masters to your school.

Maureeen Maier | Principal | Berkely Hills, Eden Christian Academy | Pittsburgh, PA

Listen To Carlos Rodriguez It was a great show! In accordance with our curriculum it fit in right away. We had our 4th through 7th graders watching. It falls into our curriculum where we do a lot of movement in our Phys Ed Department. We are in a district where we are lacking a lot of equipment and a lot of funds. When we have someone come in like Mr. Nestler that can show the students what can be done with just a simple rope. All the tricks that can be done with it. Staying in shape, falling into line, it's disciplined and it's a lot of fun. I thought he did a great job and if we could do it again we'd do it every month if we could. I really do appreciate him coming down and sharing his talents. He was great with the kids and answered questions at the end. Every kid left with a smile and I hope we have the luck of doing it again.

Carlos Rodriguez | P.E. Teacher | Paterson Public School 27 | Paterson, NJ

Listen To Denise Preisser We just had the Jump Rope Masters assembly at Lincoln and I can't tell you how exciting it was for the students to see the excellent jump rope skills. The message of be who you can be is a great message for the kids to listen to their heart and to figure out where they want to go and what makes them successful. Peter did a unicycle, jump rope tricks, Double Dutch and Chinese Wheel. I looked into the audience at my students and everyone was smiling and clapping and it was a really great opportunity. I would truly recommend it for your school programming.

Denise Preisser | P.E. Teacher | Lincoln Middle School | Portland, ME

Peter the Rope Master just performed today at our middle school, and our students and staff are still talking about how incredible his show was. Everyone was engaged and focused during his entire performance, and his positive message made a lasting impression on us all. We would highly recommend the Rope Master if anyone is searching for an exciting and inspiring assembly!

Debbie Felix | Librarian | Bedford Middle School | Bedford, PA

Listen To Gene Nicastro We were just fortunate enough to have Peter Nestler perform for our students in Kindergarten through Grade 3. Not only is Peter exceptionally talented, but he also delivered a wonderful message. He was engaging, he commanded the stage and he delivered a positive message to our students. I think they will be working hard and practicing hard in everything they do to accomplish their goals thanks to Peter.

Gene Nicastro | Principal | Richland Elementary | Gibsonia, PA

Listen To Tina Choy Peter's assembly was very inspirational for our kids. Not only did he encourage healthy exercise, but he also encouraged kids to set goals for themselves and to try their best. It tied into what we are doing here at school very well. Our students were captivated the whole time during the assembly. We're so glad that we had the opportunity for Peter to come to our school.

Tina Choy | Principal | Cadwallader Elementary School | San Jose, CA

Listen To Deb Bennet Peter came to our school for an assembly for our 4, 5, and 6th grades. He kept the students completely engaged and set the ground rules and his expectations right from the beginning. His use of student and teacher volunteers made the event even more exciting for those in attendance. It was definitely, without a doubt, the best assembly the Phys Ed program has had here at Dutch Broadway School. Peter's message of practicing and being a champion is one that our students need to hear and we look forward to having him back next year!

Deb Bennet | P.E. Teacher | Dutch Broadway School | Elmont, NY

Listen To Mary Natoli Mr. Peter's message is a powerful one. It tells our children that practicing hard will get them ahead in their future, their lives and in their careers. It really helped them focus on what they need to do as they grow into responsible adults. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the powerful message was sent in a relaxing environment that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Mary Natoli | Principal | Covert Avenue School | Elmont, NY

Listen To Kelly Kennedy What an impressive show! The Rope Master has a high energy, high motivating school assembly that all students can enjoy. Any student, any age. Even my adults (teachers) were out there enjoying themselves and learning some things. Not only that, it has a really great message for all students to motivate themselves to be champions because every students can be a champion. What an assembly! I definitely highly, highly, highly recommend the Rope Master assembly for all your students. They will get a great message about being champions, I couldn't thank him enough for being here today!

Kelly Kennedy | Principal | Olinda Elementary | Brea, CA

Yesterday Peter Nestler performed at our monthly assembly for students ranging in age from three to eleven. The children, along with parents who were present, were all captivated and mesmerized by Peter's entire performance. It became clear immediately that Peter understands children and knows how to involve them in his performance. Throughout his time on stage (and even in the dark), he could maintain control of a large group in a positive, caring way, and he was able to weave in the message of our school regarding our guidelines and character traits.

I highly recommend Peter Nestler's performance to any school! He's exceptionally talented, and our students, teachers, and parents loved watching him perform!

Susan Boyer | Lower School Director | Cape Fear Academy | Wilmington, NC

I am writing to strongly recommend Peter Nestler for an uplifting, powerful school enrichment program that is sure to "wow" your students and at the same time provide them with a MEMORABLE example of what hard work and dedication can do for someone. Peter is a world champion jump roper and we hired him to attend our whole-school field day and run jump roping stations throughout the day at field day and then end the day by running a whole-school assembly for our K-2 students.

Both faculty and students were just spellbound by Peter's jump roping skills, but what really "sold" me was his unforgettable message of hard work and commitment. That message was not lost on anyone.

The day after Peter left our school, I had to purchase 30 more jump ropes for the playground as every student at school wanted to jump rope at recess. Peter made a significant impact and we have been referring to his example of hard work ever since.

I highly recommend Peter Nestler for an enrichment program at your school. He is suitable for any age K - 12.

Chris Getchell | Principal | Parkview Elementary | North Easton, MA

Recommend over any other assembly we have had
Punctual, professional & personable
Enthusiastic & energetic show
Memorable for students & staff both the message & level of talent
Athletic abilities like we've never seen here at FV
Student oriented
Exciting even to our extreme sports students
A remarkable performance indeed! The staff & students from Fairview Elementary could not have been more impressed or left with a better impression, the Rope Master ROCKED!
The show engaged our students from Kindergarten through 5th grade, which is a feat in and of itself. Students were mesmerized with the display of athletic ability and talent Peter displayed throughout the show. More importantly, they walked out of the gym with evidence of support of the message shared throughout the show. Students and staff here at Fairview will continue to Practice Hard thanks to the motivation and dedication of one fabulous performance.
Looking forward to our next visit together

Jennifer Kane | P.E. Teacher | Fairview Elementary | Pittsburgh, PA

I highly recommend Peter Nestler's FUSED assembly program and jump rope workshops. He not only entertained our entire school K-12 with an awe-inspiring performance, but he also delivered a heartfelt and timely message about goal setting, resiliency, and the benefits of hard work. Besides the assembly performance, Peter went above and beyond our expectations to teach many of our PE classes some of his jump roping techniques. Several of our kindergarten students were so inspired that they performed jump roping at a subsequent school wide talent show!

Joan Tubridy | Teacher | Downsville Central School | Downsville, NY

Listen To Allan Sapp We had the pleasure of witnessing Peter Nestler break a world record for jumping on the unicycle. 237 jumps in one minute. It was a great assembly. Very emotional for our students to watch, but also he talks about setting goals and the importance of how to reach those goals. It's very good for junior high age kids to hear all that and then actually see someone who has set goals and who has worked tirelessly to achieve those goals. Very good assembly and I would recommend it for anybody.

Allan Sapp | Principal | Moorhead Junior High | Conroe, TX

Peter was a breath of fresh air when he presented at our student council workshop. His unique ability and talent was the perfect way to grab our students attention. They were amazed at his skills. Peter let the students know how important prioritizing is in a persons life. His youthfulness also helped to relate to the students. Peter helped kick off a great day for us. The students especially liked his question and answer session. He is highly recommended if you are looking for a speaker who will connect with your students.

Dana Gros | Student Council Advisor/Teacher | South Lafourche High School | Galliano, LA

Listen To Chad Watters We just finished having 2 presentations by Peter Nestler, expert jump roper. The timing of his performance today could not have been better. All year, one of the things we've been stressing at our school is this concept of resiliency and hard work. That is the exact same message that Peter conveyed, not only through his words, but also through his absolutely incredible performance. It is, bar none, the most entertaining assembly that I have ever seen! I would highly recommend it to any school that's looking to promote fitness, to promote hard work, determination and any school that wants to invest in more jump ropes. One thing is for sure, after the kids see this assembly, all they're going to want to do at recess is go out and practice jumping rope.

Chad Watters | Principal | Warwick Elementary | Jamison, PA

Thank you so much for performing for Montgomery Elementary School this past May. We loved your "Fused Live Jump Rope + Unicycle Program". It was a wonderfully inspirational show that excited all our students, K-6th grade. You really captured everyone's attention and your message was so positive; it really touched us all! Here are a few comments I received from some of the teachers and students: "My Kindergarten kids loved the show! They were asking if they could bring in their jump ropes to school to practice and today many of them did! Very cute!!" "Awesome, lively, held the student's attention, riveted. A great light hearted way to end the school year." 6th grade student, Sara said "I loved it. It was so awesome and my friends loved it too. It was so cool when Mr. Nestler turned off the lights and his jump ropes glowed and he moved to the music!" This is my last year as the Assembly Coordinator for Montgomery and this was one of the best assemblies that we have ever presented to the students. Thank you again, Peter...Excellent show!

Christie Stavely | Assembly Coordinator | Montgomery Elementary | North Wales, PA

On behalf of Center School, I would like to thank Peter Nestler for making our field day assembly one of the best we've ever had. Peter conducted three separate performances and he did an amazing job adapting to the age level of the audience. He dazzled the crowd with unicycle and jump rope tricks that kept the kids cheering for more. Peter used audience participation all while instilling an important message of 'never giving up' and 'practicing each and everyday.' Since that day I've heard nothing but rave reviews from all of the staff, students and parents. From the beginning of his show to his very last jump, we all found Peter to be extremely positive, motivational and entertaining. There is still a buzz around the school and I now see more and more students using jump ropes at recess time and excited to show off their new tricks. I was very impressed with Peter's enthusiasm, communication skills and his professional demeanor all throughout the day. He surpassed our expectations and I would most certainly recommend his show to anyone and everyone. Thanks Peter for a terrific day!! I'm quite certain we'll be seeing you back in Longmeadow again sometime soon.

Kristen Gauthier | P. E. Teacher | Center School | Longmeadow, MA

Peter Nestler, The Rope Master, put on a must see jump rope extravaganza. From the first jump to the last, kids and adults were highly engaged. Peter is professional and has great rapport with the kids. Not only are his tricks spot on, so is the message he sends to kids about work ethic and being a champion no matter the age. I give my full recommendation to Peter Nestler, and if anyone is kicking around the idea of inviting him to perform at your school, think no more! Just do it! This is one performance I will remember for a long time.

Cory Monesmith | P. E. Teacher | Hassayampa Elementary | Wickenburg, AZ

Peter did a fantastic job-the students were totally involved with the show. I had mentioned that it was a kick-off for our February Reading Program - “Jump Into Reading” and he did a great job of tying that in also when he was talking to the students. A truly memorable show.

Peter came totally prepared with everything that he needed. We also changed the location and time of the assembly at the last minute and he was very adaptable.

Nancy De Jongh | Librarian | Central Lyon Elementary | Rock Rapids, IA

We had Peter perform for our school and our kids were very impressed. He has an amazing amount of energy, gets kids involved, and relates his talent to the game of life when he speaks. I had lots of parents tell me he was the talk of their dinner that night. We want to put people in front of our kids with a powerful message and an ability to get kids to dream and visualize success. Peter more than achieved this and I would recommend him highly for any school, business, or youth event.

Scott Starkweather | Counselor | Moc-Floyd Valley Middle School | Alton, IA

Listen To Susan Hughes If you would like to see a captivating show with a wonderful message, then Peter's show is the one you're looking for. He incorporates life lessons along with jump rope activities to keep the students interested and to let them know that it takes hard work in order to achieve your goals. I recommend his show to any group and for kids and adults of all ages.

Susan Hughes | Assistant Principal | Graham Elementary | Shelby, NC

Listen To Judy Feretti We just had 2 performances by Peter, the Rope Master. Both assemblies were wonderful. The kids were highly engaged, excited and I believe they got his message about working hard, doing your best and that you can be a World Champion if you try.

Judy Feretti | Assistant Principal | Coventry Elementary | Crystal Lake, IL

Listen To Ruth Tester We just had a visit with Peter and it was an excellent show. The kids really enjoyed it. I think the message that he conveyed about fitness and getting kids out of the house from video games was awesome. I think we'll have some kids who are really gonna try to do better and maybe even take up a little bit of talent now that he has showed them things that they can possibly do. I recommend him to any school, he was awesome!

Ruth Tester | Principal | Russell Prater Elementary | Vansant, VA

Please accept my gratitude for the contribution you made to both students and adults this week. The jump rope presentations you delivered in the DoDEA schools in Korea were skillful, entertaining, motivational, and were received with great enthusiasm by students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Health and fitness are of great importance to everyone today and are essential for young people as they are developing life patters and attitudes toward fitness. Your presentation exemplified this in a relevant and engaging manner that will remain with students long after your presentation ended. In addition, you made direct connections between working hard, finding success, and being a "champion in life." All of these are essential life messages for our developing students.

Students, faculty and administrators in each of the school that you presented were entertained and amazed by your skills and motivated by the message you shared with the audience. Your passion and enthusiasm are very inspiring, and your amazing jump rope performance will long be remembered.

DoDEA Pacific would like to thank you for graciously bringing your time and talents and sharing your skillful, educational and inspirational presentations at the ten DoDEA schools in Korea.

Joyce J. Lutrey, Ph. D. | DoDEA Pacific Area Superintendent/CIA | Osan American Middle School | Osan, SK

We just enjoyed an entertaining and motivational performance from Peter. We have 777 students in our Elementary School. We had two 45 minute shows and Peter did a phenomenal job keeping both K-2 and 3-5 groupings on the edge of their seats. He adjusted his show to be age appropriate for each level. His message was very clear about staying focused and "practicing hard" to achieve your goals, and to be a master of anything you want to accomplish. He incorporated crowd participation with some of his tricks; even those watching felt like they were involved. The children loved every moment of it and have been talking about his presentation since. I highly recommend this assembly to any school.

Talina Bath | PTA President | Huntersville Elementary | Huntersville, NC

Listen To Brenda Parker I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great time where students are highly engaged. The attention of the students is kept the entire time, there's a variety of different tricks and different things that are brought into the assembly that keeps the kids' attention and keeps them guessing. He has a very polished assembly and is very great with kids. It was the perfect ending to our Jump Rope for Heart unit which tied in perfectly and the kids were very excited to see all the great tricks.
I love the way he puts in things about fitness, the trying your best and practicing hard at anything and everything that you do. It's a perfect way to incorporate what he does. I heard so many wonderful comments from our students and staff as I was walking around taking pictures. Some of the things that I heard were, "So Cool! Awesome! This is Amazing" and "Dude! I can't believe he can do that!"
The staff were just as engaged as the students. It was amazing to see the excitement on the students' faces and I would absolutely, highly recommend this for anyone looking for a great motivational program for your students. Not only for the fitness piece, but with the overall message of trying your best at everything you do.

Brenda Parker | Principal | North Bend Elementary | North Liberty, IA

Listen To Travis Lyttle We just finished our Rope Master presentation which I would highly recommend. He's a guy who instantly had respect with the students. They were engaged from the moment they walked in and he involves more than just jumping rope. He involves some themes that you can carry throughout the year and into next years as themes for the entire building. Something definitely to build on and it's not a one shot deal, but it's something you can carry on throughout the year. I highly recommend the Rope Master.

Travis Lyttle | Principal | Gretna Elementary | Gretna, NE

I would strongly recommend Peter Nestler (Rope Masters) to do a program for any organization. He is a tremendous entertainer and keeps the students captivated the whole time. Our students at Early Primary Elem. showed their best behavior at his program. We had a total of 630 students in attendance and they were so excited about the show. Peter is a very motivational speaker as well as an exceptional performer. We would be very happy to have him come back to our school.

Meldina Mitchell | PE Teacher | Early Primary School | Early, TX

Mr. Peter Nestler, a national and world champion jump roper, presented his program to our Pre-K through fifth grade students to kick off our Jump Rope For Heart Challenge.

My staff and I were very impressed with his professionalism, skills and ability to relate to all ages of students while presenting his program on the importance of exercising and being a champion.

I would highly recommend Mr. Nestler to anyone looking for a program that encourages and motivates students of all ages.

Brian Callaway | Principal | Early Primary School | Early, TX

Peter Nestler, from Rope Masters, a 7 time World Champion in Jumping Rope joined us in an amazing program about jumping rope and his journey from a 2nd grader who could not jump one time to a world champion. He incorporated a variety of jump roping moves and techniques that left the students and staff on the edge of their seats with each move! Interwoven within his presentation was the notion that we can all be champions at whatever we choose as long as we "practice hard!" Peter's enthusiasm for the sport and excitement for each student to become a champion left us all in awe! Peter also showcased our students with teaching them how to jump in to a swinging rope, a group jump, and even double dutch! The enthusiasm that exudes from the students in physical education class when we are jumping rope is awesome. They talk about Peter and focus and work hard to become better and better with each jump! It was a spectacular show that our students and staff have been talking about ever since! I would recommend Peter's program to any school or organization!! Thank you Peter!!

Christi Rabenda | PE Teacher | Plymouth Elementary | Plymouth Meeting, PA

Listen To Steve Poleski We had the Jump Master assembly at our school today and it was an excellent assembly. The students were very involved, very enthused. The program had a great message and Peter did a nice job of working with the students. He really had a knack of relating to them. He was able to talk to them very well, keep them under control and it was an excellent program that I would highly recommend to any school.

Steve Poleski | Principal | Buffalo Elementary | Sarver, PA

Listen To Melissa Alatorre Alnas I would strongly recommend Rope Masters for a school assembly. Peter is engaging and the presentation is exciting. The dual message of stay fit and practice to achieve your goals is a winning combination!

Melissa Alatorre Alnas | Principal | Scott Lane Elementary | Santa Clara, CA

On behalf of the staff and students at Deanwell School I would like to express our thanks to you for your demonstration and rope skills shown to us during 'Jump Rope for Heart' campaign.

You totally captured the complete audience with your rope skills - I am not sure I have ever seen the children so engrossed in a performance before. Quite literally after the demonstration, the children and staff were "Buzzing" about the stunts you exhibited. We now have many children wanting to follow in your steps and become performers themselves.

Not only did you entertain the students, but you installed value with some of the statements you made and things you showed them.

We wish you well in your future endeavours and look forward to seeing you again.

Pat Poland | Principal | Deanwell School | Hamilton, NZ

Listen To Sharon Cavnaugh We had Peter here demonstrating a variety of skipping techniques to the children. He was absolutely amazing at what he could do with the skipping rope, but also it was the added bonus of the inspirational talk he gave to the children. He talked about the importance of practicing hard, you can't get anywhere without practice, and that he managed to do this from grade 2. I would thoroughly recommend it to any other school who wanted to have Peter along. He inspired the children, they all want to get out and practice their skipping and become involved in the Jump Rope for Heart skipathon and raising money for the Heart Foundation.

Sharon Cavnaugh | Teacher | Silverdale Normal School | Hamilton, NZ

You did a great job incorporating a positive message for the kids and presented a very entertaining program. You have awesome talent, I had lots of positive comments from both teachers and students. It was a fun show and we're so glad you could come to our school. Thanks so much and I'll keep you in mind for sure for future performances!

Molly Kohring | PTA | Prairie Elementary School | Shawnee Mission, KS

"Wow! Mrs. Whitter that was awesome - I'm going to learn to jump rope like that!" is what I heard from the students at Madison Elementary School after Peter performed. His message also hit home with students - if there's something you want you've got to work hard. His motto of "get smart and get going" was perfect for students. As he shared his own story they came to see he was not just talking but really lived out those words.

Peter was professional, entertaining, and delivered a great motivational speech for our students. I highly recommend him as a performer for any school.

Christi Whitter | Principal | Madison Elementary School | Madison, KS

Listen To Nathan Weir

Nathan Weir | Principal | Pence Elementary School | Fairfield, IA

Listen To Jay Green

Jay Green | Principal | James Elementary School | Ottumwa, IA

Peter Nestler performed his "Rope Master" assembly for our 260 kindergarten through fifth grade students recently and I would like to give his show my highest possible recommendation. In my 22 years as an elementary principal, Peter's assembly was one of the best if not the very best assembly we have ever had. Our kids were completely entertained and interested in his presentation. He is a great performer and connects extremely well with his audience. Beyond the entertainment value, his message of working hard at something to excel at it resonated with the audience. We would definitely have Peter back again.

Joe Carr | Principal | Washington Elementary School | Fairfield, IA

Listen To Scott Frolick

Scott Frolick | Principal | New Park Elementary School | Harlan, IA

Listen To Tom Cockett

Tom Cockett | Principal | Barnum Elementary School | Barnum, MN

We were thrilled to have Peter Nestler, the Jump Rope Master, entertain our preschool through Grade 5 student body. The teachers, staff, parents, and I didn't know what to expect. Boy, were we pleasantly surprised!

Peter and his wife were on time and very pleasant to work with. I appreciated his message of "Get Smart...Get Going" as he amazed the crowd with his jump rope techniques and tricks. We were all glad to see how he asked for audience volunteers to assist him as well as to include them in the performance.

When he added the unicycle to the act, the audience was even more appreciative. His "light show" at the end of the performance was great!!

Peter and his wife were a pleasure to work with. His show is great. It is nice to see that many children are jumping rope during recess time thanks to his encouragement and talent.

I would recommend Peter Nestler, the Jump Rope Master to any school.

Jeff Staddler | Principal | Catholic Central Elementary | Appleton, WI

Peter Nestler, the Rope Master, was outstanding! Keeping a PreK-1 audience is quite a challenge and Peter had the students mesmerized. Teachers said the performance was mesmerizing and the message of "working hard" to be a champion at anything was well received and appreciated by the teachers. Totally worth the money!

Sara McDonald | Principal | Northview Elementary School | Peru, IL

Peter's performance was spectacular! The students and staff truly enjoyed the entertaining jump rope tricks and the message was clear. Thank you, Peter for your inspirational words and exciting jump rope act.

Dan Arickx | Principal | Merrill Elementary | Rock Falls, IL

Peter, I would like to thank you for putting a great assembly for the Pekin Elementary School. The students were glued to your performance and I thought your message was great. I had teachers tell me that it was the best assembly that we had ever had at Pekin. I would gladly give you my recommendation to any other school that asked me about your program. The students were left wanting more which I think is a good sign that you had them loving your program. The next recess we had to get out more jump ropes for the students to play with. Thank you again for a great hour and we would love to have you back again.

Jeff Eeling | Principal | Pekin Elementary School | Ollie, IA

Peter Nestler's jump rope assembly was outstanding. The staff and students were equally excited about his performance. Our students have become more active at recess and are choosing to jump rope. Peter also had an inspirational message. He talked with the students about how important it is to be active and encouraged them to work hard in and outside of school. He was a great role model for our students at Sunnyside. I would highly recommend this assembly to others.

Lorraine Opiekun | P.E. Teacher | Sunnyside Elementary School | Burlington, IA

Listen To Shirley Bieser

Shirley Bieser | Principal | Lincoln Intermediate Center | Farmington, MO

Listen To Barb Elson

Barb Elson | Principal | Longacre Elementary School | Farmington, MI

A few weeks ago you presented your program to K-5 students at Aboite Elementary. The program was entertaining, spectacular, kept the kids' interest, and was upbeat. The positive message let the students know that they really could do anything they wanted to do, be anything they wanted to be, but they had to stay in school and get started. Asking students to come participate was another plus to your program. You were so full of energy and optimism that I even left feeling like I could pick up a jump rope and begin jumping! Our gym teacher was so impressed that he recommended you to other area gym teachers and forwarded your information on to them.

Nonda Bolyard | Counselor | Aboite Elementary School | Ft. Wayne, IN

It is with genuine confidence that I can recommend Peter Nestler's Rope Masters program. His skill level was truly amazing! He had our students and staff engaged for the the entire length of the assembly. He presented a meaningful and valuable message for our students that will be reinforced by our staff. I am excited to invite The Rope Masters program back to our school in the future.

Jeff Rich | Principal | South Adams Middle School | Berne, IN

The Rope Master's performance at Hymera elementary school was sensational! The students were engaged and entertained through the entire performance. Peter's message was motivational and his performance was absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you for performing at our school!!

Dr. Tara K. Jenkins | Principal | Hymera Elementary School | Hymera, IN

Peter did a great job at Caywood Elementary! Our students loved all the tricks, audience and even teacher participation! They especially loved the part of the program when all the lights were turned off and the "glow-in-the-dark" tricks were performed. This may sound a little scary to some administrators to have all the lights turned off during an assembly, but it was AWESOME and the kids behaved beautifully! Peter prepared the students for the "lights off" part of the show with some humor & expectations, and they followed them to a "T"! He talked to the students about self-motivation, getting off the couch, putting down the video games and getting active! I would highly recommend this assembly to other schools--this assembly was all the kids talked about for the rest of the day! We look forward to having him back.

Kelly Fagin | Guidance Counselor | Caywood Elementary School | Edgewood, KY

Listen To Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris | Principal | Sacred Heart School | Lawrenceburg, TN

I was most impressed the way Peter kept telling the children that they could all be successful and all they had to do was to set their minds to it and work hard. He repeated this to them many times during his performance . I felt that he was so upbeat with that message and that it truly had an impact on all the children. We all enjoyed his performance too.!!!

My class and own personal children LOVED the show. They were even relating the show to preparing for the CRCT and second grade with his message of "Practice Hard". I can't say enough good things about his show. He had excellent control of the kids and kept the strict attention throughout the show. It was fabulous! Some of the kids asked if he could come and teach P.E. sometime! Loved it!!

It was obvious he had experience working with large groups of kids. He could predict off task behavior, and knew exactly what to say to encourage appropriate responses. When we returned to the classroom, the kids had wonderful things to say about the program. Their favorite part was the rope light show. I thought the message to "get smart and get going" was very apropos!

Teresa Samson | Teacher | Peachtree City Elementary School | Peachtree City, GA

The Rope Master performance was absolutely amazing, Peter Nestler is an outstanding entertainer. This is a highly recommended program not only for the students, but our faculty enjoyed the performance as well! We were honored to have Peter be at our school. Peter was inspiring to our children and we are so thankful that he came to our school.

Darla Shepherd | Resource Assistant Coordinator | Green Hills Elementary | Bledsoe, KY

We recently had a very fun and motivating assembly by Peter Nestler. Mr. Nestler provided an outstanding character building program and Jump rope exhibition. Students were quickly drawn into the exhibition and listened intently as Mr. Nestler related his jump rope experiences to setting goals and evaluating success. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a guest speaker to speak with teenagers about goals, success and character to consider Mr. Nestler's presentation.

Allen E. Halley | Principal | Sherman High School | Seth, WV

Peter Nestler, Jump Rope Master, is phenomenal. His program is high energy, motivational, and a testament to hard work and dedication. He is able to interact with the kids and connect with them on a personal level. The entire one hour show kept the students on the edge of their seats. While his skills are truly amazing, his personality is what shines through. It is very rare to find such a combination in a school program. I would recommend him without reservation to any school looking to excite and motivate their students. He was the consummate professional and left our kids and teachers buzzing for hours. Thank you Peter for showing students that a healthy lifestyle, hard work, and a desire to succeed can take you far in life.

Christopher D. Smith | Vice Principal | Croft Community School | Charlotte, NC

Listen To Sister Rosemaron

Sister Rosemaron | Principal | Little Flower School | Bethesda, MD

Listen To Matt Buck

Matt Buck | Assistant Principal | Gilman School | Baltimore, MD

Listen To Phylesha Banaszynski

Phylesha Banaszynski | Counselor | Linden Elementary School | Doylestown, PA

Listen To Robin Lerro

Robin Lerro | PTO Rep | Deibler Elementary School | Perkasie, PA

Listen To Frank Stoutt

Frank Stoutt | Assistant Principal | Hurlock Elementary School | Hurlock, MD

Listen To Cynthia Barber

Cynthia Barber | Principal | Back Creek Valley Elementary School | Hedgesville, WV

Listen To Mary Kay Kelly

Mary Kay Kelly | Principal | Park Hills Elementary School | Hanover, PA

Listen To Brian Cromer

Brian Cromer | Principal | E. H. Markle Intermediate School | Hanover, PA

Listen To Jennifer Gaudioso

Jennifer Gaudioso | Principal | Nether Providence Elementary School | Wallingford, PA

Listen To Loretta Miller

Loretta Miller | Principal | Seven Sorrows of BVM School | Middletown, PA

Listen To Rod Bachman

Rod Bachman | School Administrator | Meadowbrook Christian School | Milton, PA

Listen To Brittany Lukens

Brittany Lukens | Counselor | Groveland Elementary School | Doylestown, PA

Listen To Andrea Renninger

Andrea Renninger | Assistant Principal | Blue Mountain West Elementary Schoo | Friedensburg, PA

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outrageous performance you gave for the students of McKenna Elementary School! Students and staff alike were mesmerized by your talent and the amazing tricks you performed. I use the term "tricks" loosely - because it was very clear that there were no tricks involved. What you do takes dedication, devotion and perseverance. Not only did the kids have a great time, but they took away a clear message - hard work and commitment = success.

Thanks again for being so flexible when our original date was "snowed out". Your show was a treat that we would not have wanted to miss!

We hope to see you again next year!

Jean Castelli | Principal | McKenna Elementary School | Massapequa Park, NY

Listen To Michael Hannah

Michael Hannah | Assistant Principal | Putnam Valley Middle School | Putnam Valley, NY

Listen To Rachel Cacase

Rachel Cacase | Principal | Quaker Farms Elem School | Oxford, CT

Listen To John Carpenter

John Carpenter | Middle School Head | Chase Collegiate School | Waterbury, CT

Listen To Michelle Whitis

Michelle Whitis | Cultural Arts Chair | Haddam Elementary School | Higganum, CT

Listen To Katie Melberger

Katie Melberger | Student Support Counselor | Bridge Valley Elementary School | Furlong, PA

Listen To Marissa Fornicola

Marissa Fornicola | Principal | Audrey Clark Elementary School | Long Branch, NJ

Listen To Kris Raymond

Kris Raymond | Principal | Lawrence Brook Elementary School | East Brunswick, NJ

Listen To Douglas Tiller

Douglas Tiller | PE Teacher | Allenwood Elementary School | Allenwood, NJ

Listen To Darlene O'Callaghan

Darlene O'Callaghan | Reading Consultant | Anna Lopresti Elementary School | Seymour, CT

Listen To Mike Armitage

Mike Armitage | PE Teacher | Wolfpit Elementary School | Norwalk, CT

Listen To David Hay

David Hay | Principal | Brookside Elementary School | Norwalk, CT

Listen To Jean Aspinwall

Jean Aspinwall | Counselor | Norton Elementary School | Cheshire, CT

Listen To Donna Perrault

Donna Perrault | Principal | Sprague Elementary School | Waterbury, CT

Listen To Diane Swan

Diane Swan | Assembly Chairperson | Niantic Center School | Niantic, CT

Listen To Karen Myer

Karen Myer | Principal | Ashley School | New Bedford, MA

Listen To Robert Deburro

Robert Deburro | Headmaster | St. Francis Xavier School | Hyannis, MA

Listen To John Hanson

John Hanson | Principal | Sandwich Central Elementary School | Center Sandwich, NH

Listen To Terri Kenny

Terri Kenny | Principal | Allenstown Elementary School | Allenstown, NH

Listen To Dr. Cherie Dickinson

Dr. Cherie Dickinson | Principal | Hellman School-Parsons Center | Albany, NY

Listen To Judy Gluchowski

Judy Gluchowski | Enrichment Specialist | Leo Bernabi School | Spencerport, NY

Listen To Becky Weibl

Becky Weibl | Assembly Coordinator | Forest Grove Elementary School | Coraopolis, PA

Listen To Angela Fye

Angela Fye | Teacher | St. Joseph School | Lucinda, PA

Listen To Bob Grumly

Bob Grumly | Principal | South St. Marys Elementary School | St. Mary's, PA

Listen To Barbara Mellett

Barbara Mellett | Principal | Osborne Elementary School | Sewickley, PA

Listen To Joe Espren

Joe Espren | Assembly Coordinator | McClellan Elementary School | Pittsburgh, PA

Listen To Brock Benson

Brock Benson | Principal | Johnsonburg High School | Johnsonburg, PA

Listen To Erik Dambeck

Erik Dambeck | Principal | Logan Elementary School | Altoona, PA

Listen To Carol Sperry

Carol Sperry | Principal | Willo-Hill Christian School | Willoughby, OH

Listen To Cindy Brown

Cindy Brown | Principal | Sauder Elementary School | Massillon, OH

Listen To Mary Williams

Mary Williams | Principal | Badger Elementary School | Kinsman, OH

Listen To Pat Linus

Pat Linus | Principal | Balboa Elementary School | Spokane, WA

Listen To Len Mortlock

Len Mortlock | Principal | Nine Mile Falls Elementary School | Nine Mile Falls, WA

Listen To Richard Krebbs

Richard Krebbs | Activities Coordinator | Selah Intermediate School | Selah, WA

Listen To Mary Ormiston

Mary Ormiston | Teacher | St. Anthony's School | Renton, WA

Listen To Patrick Dehuff

Patrick Dehuff | Superintendent | Easton School | Easton, WA

Listen To Rick Fraisse

Rick Fraisse | Principal | Byrom Elementary School | Tualatin, OR

Listen To Gary Etchemendy

Gary Etchemendy | Principal | Forest Ridge Elementary School | Keizer, OR

Listen To Joelle Rothe

Joelle Rothe | Principal | Delphian School | Sheridan, OR

Listen To Sara Casebeer

Sara Casebeer | Principal | Lee Elementary School | Salem, OR

Listen To Dave Welker

Dave Welker | Principal | Winston Middle School | Winston, OR

Listen To Meg Otto

Meg Otto | Principal | Elmira Elementary School | Elmira, OR

Listen To Jason Reuben

Jason Reuben | Assistant Principal | Shasta Lake School | Shasta Lake, CA

Listen To Kristine Hess

Kristine Hess | Teacher | Tulelake Basin Elementary School | Tulelake, CA

Listen To Chris Pettee

Chris Pettee | Program Director | Valley Oak Academy | Citrus Heights, CA

Listen To Chris Meyer

Chris Meyer | Principal | Foothill Intermediate School | Marysville, CA

Listen To Tina Corker

Tina Corker | Principal | Nevada City Elementary School | Nevada City, CA

Listen To Matt Reno

Matt Reno | Principal | Sequoia Elementary School | Santa Rosa, CA

Listen To Troy Knox

Troy Knox | Principal | Yountville Elementary School | Yountville, CA

Listen To Janet Dong

Janet Dong | Principal | Jean Parker School | San Francisco, CA

Listen To Dave Miller

Dave Miller | Superintendent / Principal | Harmony Elementary School | Occidental, CA

Listen To Michel Frey

Michel Frey | Principal | Blosser Lane Elementary | Willits, CA

Listen To Carl Keller I have to tell you that I've been here for 9 years and this was just one of the most incredible assemblies we've had. This was a gift to our students from staff for the great job they did this first trimester and I couldn't think of a better way to reward the kids than having Mr. Nestler here with his jump ropes and his unicycle and fantastic finale at the end, I don't want to spoil it, but it was just an incredible light show. The music was incredible, it set the tone for the entire thing and the light show was fantastic. Without reservation I recommend Mr. Peter Nestler to your organization.

Carl Keller | Principal | Mark Twain Union Elementary | Angels Camp, CA

Listen To Veronica Hoyle-Kent Peter's assembly is amazingly entertaining and energetic! With a great message to get students of all ages to get up and get going.

Veronica Hoyle-Kent | Assembly Coordinator | Nordstrom Elementary School | Morgan Hill, CA

Listen To Ed Gonzalez

Ed Gonzalez | Principal / Superintendant | American Union Elementary School | Fresno, CA

Listen To Valerie Sanridge

Valerie Sanridge | Principal | Huerta Elementary School | Stockton, CA

Listen To Jay Bechtol

Jay Bechtol | Director | Hillside Education Center | Pasadena, CA

Listen To Claudia Krikorian

Claudia Krikorian | Head of School | P. V. Peninsula Montessori School | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Listen To Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang | Teacher | Burbank Elementary School | Artesia, CA

Today our students enjoyed a very energetic, entertaining, and character building program. Peter Nestler, a professional jump roper, performed for our school. His 45 minute program was high energy and kept our 440 student watching his every move.

Please consider his performance for your school. Your students will leave wanting to learn more about the art of jump roping.

Maria Showalter | Principal | Holoman Air Force Base Elementary | Holloman AFB, NM

Peter Nestler's performance was an outstanding presentation to our student body. I would rate his performance in the top two performances we have provided to our students. Peter is entertaining, high energy, highly skilled, and students appeared to be engaged throughout the performance. The message Peter provides is valid and relevant to the students. I highly recommend this performance to anyone.

Ed Daugherty | Principal | Peaster High School | Peaster, TX

Listen To Tim Walls

Tim Walls | Principal | Crown of Life Luth School | Colleyville, TX

Listen To Mr. Wight

Mr. Wight | Principal | Muldrow Middle School | Muldrow, OK

Listen To Dr. Theresa Christian

Dr. Theresa Christian | Principal | Triway Elementary School | Stella, MO

Listen To Shelley Dougherty

Shelley Dougherty | Asst. Principal | Eudora Elementary School | Eudora, KS

Listen To Daren Shupe

Daren Shupe | Principal | Oskaloosa Elementary School | Oskaloosa, KS

Listen To Kelly Kirk

Kelly Kirk | Teacher | Basics And Beyond Altern. School | Newton, IA

Listen To Nicole Dial

Nicole Dial | Principal | Randolph Elementary School | Topeka, KS

Listen To Michelle McDonald

Michelle McDonald | Principal | Harrington Park Public School | Harrington Park, NSW

Listen To Dale Morrow

Dale Morrow | Principal | St. Rita's College | Clayfield, QLD

Listen To Graeme Dutton

Graeme Dutton | Principal | Lake Albert Public School | Wagga Wagga, NSW

Listen To Kim Jones Today we watched a performance with jump ropes and unicycle, this was a great show the kids were very excited to watch and very into the performance. The performance really enhanced our learning on jump rope and reinforced the idea of fitness and practice makes perfect that we've been preaching in our school all the way around from reading to math to PE and we would definitely recommend this show to other people.

Kim Jones | PE Teacher | Snow Hill Primary School | Snow Hill, NC

Listen To Dr. Virginia Patterson The Rope Masters performance was phenomenal. The students were actively engaged as Mr Nestler performed several jump rope stunts as well as the unicycle stunts, more importantly the motivational message of becoming a champion takes practice daily was a very important message that was given to our students towards our core values that we demonstrate in our school. He established a framework for a great cardio workout that supports our physical educational instruction in our building. The students left the performance geared to engage in jump rope activities.

This is the performance you want ALL students to see.

Dr. Virginia Patterson | Principal | Wells Elementary School | Chester, VA

Listen To Tanya Cauthorne This program was one of the best performances I've booked this year. All the teachers were giving me a thumbs up on their way out. Peter kept all the students and teachers entertained and amazed with all of his tricks throughout the whole performance. He also had a great message for all the students k-5. I loved the encouragement from Peter that they could be champions at anything they wanted to be as long as they worked hard every single day and never gave up. A definite thumbs up performance that we will book again next year.

Tanya Cauthorne | PTA Vice President | Springfield Park Elementary | Glen Allen, VA

Listen To Brian Kelly I'd recommend it to any Middle school. Besides being entertaining and keeping the kids attention, there was a great message about working hard and persevering and hard work pays off. I hope the kids got it, not just that jumping rope is healthy for you but anything in life you've got to work for and nothing is given to you. Great job and we hope to have them back in the future.

Brian Kelly | Assistant Principal | Centreville Middle School | Centreville, MD

Listen To Janet Baer We just had a fantastic performance from Peter, the Rope Master. His message along with the program is enlightening, the kids were enthralled throughout the performance, engaged, he uses audience participation as well as setting forth for students that they need to set goals for themselves and that's the way that they can reach their full potential when they have opportunities that they would like to pursue. The program itself entertained children from kindergarten to sixth grade and that's always a tough thing to do. We enjoyed it, appreciated it and hope that some day he'll be able to come back to us at Centerville elementary.

Janet Baer | Principal | Centerville Elementary | Lancaster, PA

Listen To Stephanie Cole Very, very good assembly, action packed, got the kids involved and gave a very, very nice message that all kids should adhere to.

Stephanie Cole | Lead Teacher | Marshall Street Elementary School | Norristown, PA

Listen To Scott Baytosh Peter delivered an important message through an exciting and engaging performance. Our students were thrilled and I'd highly recommend him for any school situation.

Scott Baytosh | Head of School | Buckingham Friends School | Lahaska, PA

Listen To Amy Austin I would recommend the Rope Master to any Middle school who is looking for a presenter that incorporates many different things such as a positive message for students in order for them to achieve and work hard towards their goals in life. Also if they are looking for a presenter who stresses the importance of physical activity and where that can take you in life as well as a presenter that knows how to have fun and is able to bring different kids in to participate, have a good time and laugh and help create a positive environment and community here at our school. Our students immediately after they left the presentation were stressing to their teachers how much they did enjoy today's assembly. So once again I highly recommend the Rope Master for any Middle school who is interested in an assembly.

Amy Austin | Assistant Principal | Philip Lauer Middle School | Easton, PA

Listen To Dr. Jane LeGore We just had the Rope Master present to the students. It was a high energy show. The students were very engaged in fact as they were leaving the auditorium they were already talking about going out onto the playground and jumping rope. Peter sends a very strong message to get smart and get going which is so important these days with children who aren't getting going, they're just watching videos and he let them know that that's not the way to do it. It was interesting, he shared a story about how he started out in 2nd grade, just watching an assembly like we just had and them how he went from there to being a world Champion. So he let our students know that even here in little Brogue, PA they can also become champions. I have to say that this is one of the best assemblies that we've ever had. I would highly recommend it and I do need to tell you that we are country schools so our students wouldn't have been able to see this show any other way than for Peter to bring it directly to my schools. So, as I said I would highly recommend him, it's an oustanding assembly.

Dr. Jane LeGore | Principal | Chanceford and Clearview Elementary | Brogue, PA

Listen To Erin Comeau I highly recommend Peter Nestler, Rope Master. His show was amazing, very high energy. Peter encourages the kids to set goals and work hard to achieve them. The show has a lot of student participation, great music, and is a lot of fun. Our school is for grades k-6 and I have to say that everyone loved the show, all the grades. I highly recommend that you book this show.

Erin Comeau | VP Cultural Affairs | East Brook Elementary School | Park Ridge, NJ

Listen To Heather Labance All the children enjoyed this presentation from Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade. It was age appropriate for each level. Special needs children loved it as well. The message was very clear and appropriate message about staying focused and motivated to get your goals achieved and to be a master of anything including academics all the way through sports. The children loved every moment of it and were very excited to talk about the presentation when we came back and I highly recommend this presentation to any school K through High School.

Heather Labance | Teacher | Franklin Elementary | Franklin, NJ

Listen To Cliff Burns I found Peter the Rope Master to be very engaging, he was appropriate for all grade levels and mine was k-8 which was not an easy thing to do. He was very professional and very engaging for our students.

Cliff Burns | Principal | Stanhope School | Stanhope, NJ

Listen To Phil Kent We just had a phenomenal assembly presentation by the Rope Master. The reason why I chose this assembly is that our focus always is about hard work dedication and I just saw that come to life here with the Rope Master. In addition we are really focusing in on our health and being health conscientious and so forth and he talked with kids about that and in the jump rope presentation we really believe that kids can stay healthy by being active and being a part of just picking up a jump rope and doing this each and every day. The kids were ecstatic, they were excited and it just follows along with our mindset here of teamwork and also about hard work and what hard work will do, pay off huge dividends. So that's why we chose this assembly and the Rope Master here, Peter, did a phenomenal job in bringing all those pieces together for our students at the Aquebogue Elementary school on Long Island New York.

Phil Kent | Principal | Aquebogue Elementary School | Aquebogue, NY

Listen To Michael Febbraro The Jump Rope Master did an amazing job, the students were engaged for the full 45-50 minutes that he was with them. There were so many wonderful messages that were included in this assembly for our kids. We always teach kids about staying mentally fit this also enforced the importance of being physically fit but also sent the message to kids that both mind and body work together, the message of get going and get smart, the students really took that and were engaged throughout the entire performance. In addition to that Mr. Nestler had a wonderful way with students he was very calm with them he was able to weave in humor and was also able to weave in various content curricular connections mathematically even science connections that informally were incorporated into the presentation. It was one of our best assemblies of the year, I can say that without a doubt. And I certainly look forward to having him back and the performance back next year in addition many of our students purchased jump ropes and some of the dvd's that go along with his performance. Overall I would rate this as a very highly satisfactory performance and I would recommend it to any school district or school for that matter.

Michael Febbraro | Principal | North Coleman Road Elementary | Centereach, NY

Listen To Eugene W. Harris I just want to endorse the assembly that we just had for a number of different reasons. The 1st reason as far as the students were concerned it was thoroughly engaging and entertaining and it did involve the students in movement. It fully involved them for approximately 45 minutes so much so that I'm recommending that he actually comes back again and we want to actually make this an annual event. The other reason as far as physical education and certainly health there were very direct applications of that, it got students moving around. I would certainly speak to my colleagues in the district and to other colleagues that I have that are principals and recommend that they have this assembly which I think is thoroughly worthwhile. Very age appropriate for students from pre-k all the way through 12th.

Eugene W. Harris | Principal | Grove Street Elementary School | Irvington, NJ

Listen To William Vanbennekum Jump Rope Master was one of the most fantastic assembly programs we have offered this year to our students in grades k-8. Throughout the performance it was exhilarating as well as a solid message to all students about health, wellness and fitness and an excellent way to demonstrate jump rope skills. All those involved in the assembly found it to be an absolutely awesome experience.

William Vanbennekum | Principal | Holderness Central School | Holderness, NH

Listen To Pam Stiles We had Peter come in to do an assembly on rope skills and motivation. He did a fabulous job, kept our 255 students just motivated and excited through the entire assembly. The ending was awesome, lights were out, ropes were flying, and the kids really enjoyed it. Great assembly and great message.

Pam Stiles | Principal | Chichester Central School | Chichester, NH

Listen To Catherine Tucker Wonderful show, lot of audience participation the kids loved it and the best compliment of all is when I heard an 8th grader say at lunch following the assembly, 'that was Fantastic!' So, don't hesitate to have Peter in and do his assembly for you, he has a good message a lot of activity and you'll have a great time.

Catherine Tucker | Principal | Charlton Middle School | Charlton, MA

Listen To Tom Potor Peter just performed for us, and I would highly recommend Peter for any position any job. He's entertaining he delivers a great message to the children and to the faculty that they need to practice and if they practice good things will happen. And peter certainly performed at a high level, he entertains the children, keeps their attention and certainly creates a very positive atmosphere for everyone involved. I think that everyone would benefit and enjoy the show.

Tom Potor | PE Teacher | Lincoln Elementary School | Rutherford, NJ

Listen To Pam Murton The children absolutely loved the show. The 5th graders left saying that it was the best assembly they've had in all 5 years they've been with the school. The teachers enjoyed the show, it was full of audience participation it had a really nice motivational message for the students promoting the ideals that you can achieve any success and be a champion if you study your subject, you dedicate yourself to practice and you work hard. I think that's a real positive message for the children in today's culture. Another ideal they promoted is that, champions earn their way to success its not given to you, and that along with the healthy lifestyle that jump roping promotes we were very pleased to have Peter come to our school.

Pam Murton | PTO President | Fogelsville Elementary School | Breinigsville, PA

Listen To Mark Blanketburg I want to give a strong recommendation for Peter on his performance this morning we had a great assembly with him. 45 minutes of great entertainment for our students really ties into our Phys Ed program and what we've been trying to accomplish with getting students to participate in physical activities outside of school. Very engaging very energetic, students thoroughly enjoyed what he was performing and also the message he was sending about practice hard to be a champion and you can be a champion at anything you do.

Mark Blanketburg | Athletic Director | Wayne Central High School | Ontario Center, NY

Listen To Tim Burly Strong recommendation for Mr. Nestler with this assembly. The program was outstanding the kids were involved the kids were active, they followed along. Great audience participation especially with the ones that were chosen as helpers. Definitely tied in with what our feelings are as keeping them active outside of school and practicing and playing hard. Practicing and acting like a champion. And the 5-minutes a day of practice I thought was great, really ties in with what we're trying to do with our Jump Rope for Heart Association events. Excellent excellent job, thank you very much.

Tim Burly | PE Teacher | Ontario Primary School | Ontario Center, NY

Listen To Amy Margolas Our audience of over 500 students came out of the performance with raving reviews. The rope master was captivating! Engaged the audience had audience participation had excellent control over the audience and elicited group participation sending a real wonderful message not only that fitness is fun, but not only that instilling them the message that practice and hard work creates many opportunities for people and also betters themself in the long run. And message was also applied to math and literacy which was excellent being that we aim to integrate physical activity and healthy wellness into all content areas so this performance was absolutely outstanding and I would highly recommend it to any other building looking to provide a performance and a special treat for their students. It was wonderful and again I would highly recommend them to other building and other audiences.

Amy Margolas | Assistant Principal | Ginther Elementary School | Brockport, NY

Listen To Michele Kunkle Today's jump roping assembly was a great display for all of our students talking about different athletics, talking about just practice 5 minutes a day, if its reading if its math so the message just wasn't jump roping but it was do your best at all times and practice practice practice.

Michele Kunkle | Assistant Principal | Cochran Elementary | Williamsport, PA

Listen To Donna Wheaton I highly recommend every administrator to invite the Rope Master program to perform at their school. This was a last minute decision as another local school canceled out. Too bad for them, hooray for W.R. Croman Elementary in Troy, PA. Our students were fully engaged in this active program that also came with a message to get smart and get going. Thanks so much for giving our children the desire to excel at such a fun high paced activity.

Donna Wheaton | Building Coordinator | Croman Elementary | Troy, PA

Listen To Bill Reese I've been here for 16 years. I've seen quite a few assemblies and this was probably by far the best assembly that I've seen. The different skills and tricks that were done and the motivational speaking I think caught the students attention for the whole entire assembly. There wasn't one dull moment.

Bill Reese | PE Teacher | Moshannon Valley Elementary School | Houtzdale, PA

Listen To Dana Hamby I would have the Rope Master, Peter Nestler back to our school anytime, he has an excellent program. Its very energetic, the message is great, the kids loved the show, its very motivational, the finale was phenomenal and definitely a great assembly for the kids.

Dana Hamby | PTO President | Highland Street Elementary | Du Bois, PA

Listen To Don Mowrey We just finished our show with Peter Nestler and Ms. Alicia and we were thoroughly impressed. One with his athletic feats and the other with the message. We thought it was a wonderful program for our students k-5. Again thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely consider having him back to do the show again.

Don Mowrey | Principal | Johnson Elementary School | Reynolds, PA

Listen To Calvin Weischedel I'm Highly recommending the program that we just had at our school on the Rope Master. He did a fantastic job. What's unique about our school is we go from elementary through High School and he was able to meet the needs of all our students he had their attention throughout the entire program. His enthusiasm and energy was phenomenal. I just highly, highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a program for their school with entertainment but also there was a very strong message about doing the best you can to achieve your goals. Again I highly, highly recommend this program thank you.

Calvin Weischedel | Associate Director | Tillotson School | Baldwin, PA

Listen To Jeremiah Bull If you ever have the opportunity to have the Rope Master, Peter Nestler, visit your school please take the time to have him stop and share his story with your school. Not only will he share his wonderful experience with jumping rope and many fantastic and fabulous tricks, including even a unicycle. He also shares his background on how he had to have much determination and hard work and many hours in sharing his inner drive and determination to succeed at mastering the jump rope so as I said please take the time, give him a call. He and his wife do a fantastic job. If you've got anything for wellness or anything where you have physical activity, drive, determination, please give him a call he's a fantastic guy easy to work with, on time and has a super message. Have a great day.

Jeremiah Bull | Principal | Ridgefield Elementary | Erie, PA

Listen To Jim Carchedi We just had the Rope Master, Peter, this morning and we were very pleased with the assembly. when I search for assemblies I always try to find a variety and whether its academic oriented or in the arts, well we thought we needed something with physical education and Peter fit the bill. His message was loud and clear how to get started in being a champion, the practicing that is takes and the fact that anybody can do it. His assembly was very moving, entertaining he had a great personality and good audience participation , I'm glad he didn't pick me to help him and we really had a good time and I would highly recommend this assembly to anybody.

Jim Carchedi | Principal | Watson Elementary | Youngstown, OH

Listen To Tony Russou We just had a very entertaining and informative assembly, The Rope Masters. They did a fine job with the children, our grade level is k-3 not only were the kids excited and entertained, they learned a lot about persistence and hard work. I really recommend this assembly.

Tony Russou | Principal | Lynn Kirk Elementary | Youngstown, OH

Listen To Andy Garber Today we had the privilege of viewing a wonderful program from The Jump Rope Master. My hopes of what the program would do were fulfilled. Number one, we wanted stimulate our students to do more exercise and if jump roping was going to be the vehicle then that was going to be a wonderful thing. But not only did he stimulate their interest in exercise and jumping rope it was very entertaining and also he had a wonderful message for the children at the end about a life message concerning how they can improve themselves and it was a great program. I highly recommend it for any age level. The gentleman did a wonderful job, Peter is a very genuine entertainer and educator.

Andy Garber | Principal | Warwood School | Wheeling, WV

Listen To C'Ann Reilly The Rope Master program was one that appealed to across our audience and across all grade levels, the children found it most entertaining and they were most excited, it crossed all across the curriculum including our physical fitness as well as the arts as well as music and the message as well. It will be a wonderful show to bring to your school our children certainly enjoyed it and shared that excitement with us after the assembly.

C'Ann Reilly | Principal | Our Lady Of Peace School | Wheeling, WV

Listen To Ken Bernacki Just want to let you know that the Rope Master had a very inspirational message to our students and these were quotes from them as they were leaving the assembly 'Light show was totally awesome!', 'The best assembly so far this year!', 'Totally totally awesome!,' 'That was the best!' These are things from the kids so hopefully this is something you may want to think about because that's what the program is all about, the kids. if you have any questions you can contact the Rope Master and get further information from there.

Ken Bernacki | Principal | R. C. Lindsey Elementary School | Chesterland, OH

Listen To Katie Monroe He did a wonderful job, the kids were engaged and he actively used the kids in his participation in the assembly. The message he sent to the kids as far as staying active, practicing what you enjoy doing and becoming a champion because you practice hard was wonderful. The teachers enjoyed that very much as well as the fact that you earn, you don't just get what you get but you have to earn what you want in life and you have to go after it. The kids were engaged for 45 minutes even the 3 and 4 yr olds and I would highly recommend this program to any school.

Katie Monroe | PE Teacher | Hudson Montessori School | Hudson, OH

Listen To Lisa Alexander I'm recommending the Rope Master to anyone. It was a fun and energetic show with the message of working hard and staying fit. My kids really enjoyed it and I know yours will too.

Lisa Alexander | Principal | Salt Rock Elementary | Salt Rock, WV

Listen To Sherrie Munsey We just had the most awesome jump rope champion come in to demonstrate his skills to the students. We had great participation. The kids thought the light show at the end was awesome. I loved it just because it was something dealing with fitness. We just finished our rope jumping unit and it was great for the boys to be able to see that guys do jump rope. So, if you have a chance to schedule this assembly I highly, highly recommend it and all I can say is I hope we get a chance to have him back.

Sherrie Munsey | PE Teacher | Scott Teays Elementary | Scott Depot, WV

Listen To Connie Dylan I've taught for 31 years. As far as what we saw today was just unbelievable. The message this young man shared with the students about the importance of learning, keeping their grades up the way they should, trying real hard, trying their best and going above and beyond what really is expected of them to make it as a champion, to me is something that cannot be replaced as a teacher that's something coming from a world champion himself is just irreplaceable. Also the skills that he portrays as a jumper to show children that have tried their best to see the level of skill that he has reached just from practicing all these years is something that they can see that just takes a little practice on their part if they ever want to reach that type of goal.

Connie Dylan | PE Teacher | Cox Landing Elementary | Lesage, WV

Listen To Deliliah Brashear The program was awesome, one of the best shows that's ever been at Viper Elementary and I highly recommend it to all schools.

Deliliah Brashear | Principal | Viper Elementary | Viper, KY

Listen To Diana Howard Peter Nestler's Rope Master program was absolutely fabulous. He talked to the children about setting goals and working hard to make their dreams a reality. The program was high energy and encouraged the students to become physically fit. It was absolutely outstanding and I would highly recommend it.

Diana Howard | Principal | Sweetwater Elementary | Sweetwater, TN

Listen To Jill Miers Today we enjoyed a presentation by the Rope Master, Peter Nestler. The program was excellent. I chose his program out of a large book of several different presentations that were appropriate for elementary school children and the reason his program appealed to me was because it centered around jump roping which is something that most children have the accessibility to, its a playground activity that most children enjoy and its fun it and can be self taught or it can also be part of a team. His presentation today was clear and concise he kept the crowd interested and engaged. He taught the children two main things about being a champion and that is to 'get smart' and 'get going' so a very simple message but very powerful. We enjoyed his presentation, there was group participation as well. The program was very appealing with a climactic ending that I don't want to spoil for anyone who is thinking about hiring him for a presentation. A really wonderful ending, great information, great crowd control, very engaging. It was tremendously enjoyed by my Elementary students and it would be appropriate for any grade level and we hope to have him back in the near future, Thank you.

Jill Miers | Principal | Pope John Elementary | Madison, IN

Listen To Adam Strasser We just had an outstanding convocation today where the highlights were world class jump roping and unicycling that held our students' attention for a full hour. Our students were enraptured by the content of the convocation. I was also very impressed by the positive message that was given by our presenter. He talked about physical fitness and mental fitness and I think that he really motivated our students to move in a positive direction with those things. I would highly recommend this convocation to any school, I thought that it was excellent, one of the top convocations that I've seen in several years.

Adam Strasser | Assistant Principal | Taylorsville Elementary School | Taylorsville, IN

Listen To Janine Mullenix I've taught for 38 years and I must say that this was the most exciting convocation that the kids have ever seen, it was one of the most exciting that I've ever seen. I can only sum it up in one word, as my kids said 'Wow! That was awesome'. It was especially neat I think because the lesson behind it all, that if you want to be a champion you have to work hard. I think that's what the most important thing is that our kids need to know. That if you work hard you will achieve and that's what I liked about this program. I would recommend it for anyone.

Janine Mullenix | Teacher | Clay City Elementary | Clay City, IN

Listen To Dan Schultz We had about 400-500 people in attendance. We had a very good reception from the crowd, good audience participation. The k-8 audience was probably a great audience as far as age level. Very appropriate for them with a good message about staying fit and practice and put some work into something. So both the message and the performance was well received by the 5 elementary schools that showed up. And the students received it well. I would recommend him highly to any k-8 assembly in the future.

Dan Schultz | Principal | Huron Valley Lutheran High School | Westland, MI

Listen To Ilise Goldman-Burroughs The assembly was high energy and kept our students engaged the entire time. One of the things that impressed me the most was that he adjusted for both my lower elementary and upper elementary so they had the opportunity to practice counting but they all got the same message in the end about working hard to achieve what they want to achieve. It was really great and I truly recommend it.

Ilise Goldman-Burroughs | Assistant Principal | Randels Elementary | Flint, MI

Listen To Judy Burtch We just finished getting to have a wonderful demonstration by Peter. He has great rapport with the kids, they were absolutely spell-bound it is a fascinating and fast moving program. He has a wonderful message about practice and about being a champion. And our students were honestly disappointed to see the program come to an end. I would highly recommend him to any elementary school, middle school actually too.

Judy Burtch | Principal | Walker Station Elementary | Grand Rapids, MI

Listen To Diane Orr It was our pleasure to have the Rope Master come and perform for our students and what an amazing performance it was! About 400 students were completely enraptured with what was happening. The audience participation was phenomenal. The kids got to take part in the assembly. I can't tell you how amazing the message was, simple, but a strong message for our young people today who spend a lot of time looking for instant gratification. The message being the importance of working hard every day to achieve your goals. We are a middle school and we have 5th through 8th graders who walked out the door telling me this was the best assembly they've ever had and not only the students but the teachers. I would recommend this assembly highly!

Diane Orr | Principal | Washington Middle School | Washington, IL

Listen To Eveline Durham We just had a fabulous assembly with the Rope Master. I have 418 students here at my school and I have to tell you from the start of the assembly to the end, Peter had these children just enthralled. He had a wonderful message about telling them to work hard for things that they need and then his actual assembly and actual performance was just awe inspiring so I would recommend this to anyone. I have kindergarten through 4th and he had them in the palm of his hand the entire time.

Eveline Durham | Principal | Lincoln Grade School | Washington, IL

Listen To Carrol Costello We serve students who have special needs so we're a very small school. We were very excited to have Peter here, he showed a lot of enthusiasm. One of the best parts was the student participation because many of our kids don't respond well to just auditory information. They really liked the audience participation and the finale was tremendous.

Carrol Costello | Principal | Care Program | Crestwood, IL

Listen To Karen Udell We had the opportunity of hosting Peter today. It was a safe and drug free assembly. He delivered a powerful message of the importance of physical and mental health. He is an incredible athlete and I think you would be very wise to use his services to communicate loud and clear that message that everyone is important and it is a very very good and wise idea to remain physically fit and mentally fit as well.

Karen Udell | Principal | St. Raphael Catholic School | Naperville, IL

Listen To Judy Egan I've been teaching for 15 years and I've seen many many assemblies and this by far was the best assembly I've ever seen! Every single child in the audience, even the little 3 year olds were completely attentive and completely entertained and as a teacher I also liked that ,besides the fact that the show was outstanding, that he took the time to teach the kids and tell them that its important to practice if they want to be good at something so it was an amazing assembly.

Judy Egan | Teacher | Home Elementary School | Stickney, IL

Listen To Chris Holt Today we saw the Rope Master and I was very impressed by the message that was delivered to our students. It was extremely motivating and the Rope Master definitely has talents that our kids have never seen before. I would highly recommend that you would consider bringing the Rope Master to your school. It was a fun event that involved learning, physical education, and general health and boy we had a great time. You have my highest recommendation, hope you consider him.

Chris Holt | Principal | Allenton Elementary | Allenton, WI

Listen To John Larkin We had the Rope Master at our school in Feb 2009. I'm happy to say that Peter did an outstanding job. It was a great show. We used it to kick off our jump rope unit in physical education and to get our kids kind of juiced and excited about jump rope for heart. He was able to incorporate so many skills and techniques and tricks. Our kids loved the show and he had a great message in terms of what it takes to be a champion and the concept of perseverance and sticking to things to achieve a goal. Not only was the show entertaining and very well done, but also a great message. I'd highly recommend the Rope Master.

John Larkin | Principal | Addison Elementary | Hartford, WI

Listen To Tom Edson It was one of the most exciting and fun programs that we've had in many many years. The students were truly involved in the program. Very attentive because of all the action and excitement that was taking place. The Rope Master kept everybody's attention and involved the students in the program which is really beneficial and his message was very important on maintaining good health, good physical activity, and also maintaining a good feeling about yourself and what you want to do and what you can accomplish. The students truly enjoyed the entire show and the message was absolutely fantastic and we're planning on having him back again next year.

Tom Edson | Principal | Christ Child Academy | Sheboygan, WI

Listen To Tammy Modic Todays performance of the Rope Master was exciting and entertaining! At the same time it gave the students a positive message about practicing hard and never giving up. The students especially enjoyed the glow in the dark performance. I would highly recommend you having the Rope Master come to your school.

Tammy Modic | Principal | Crescent Elementary | Rhinelander, WI

Listen To Linda Wilfahrt We had the opportunity to have the Rope Master visit our school. He was amazing! We have 150 students in k-6 and his program delighted them all. they were all eager to participate and also he had a great message about getting smart and getting going. Is it worth the money? Absolutely! We want all of our kids to be heart healthy and active individuals and this helps drive home the message in a very interesting and entertaining way.

Linda Wilfahrt | Principal | St. Francis Xavier | Sartell, MN

Listen To Lee Hubner We have enjoyed immensely the assembly, Rope Master, with Peter Nester. His enthusiasm and Energy level is unbelievable. The kids loved it as did the teachers and staff. I would highly recommend Peter and his wife Alicia to anyone who is interested in seeing a world class act. You've got to seem them to believe them, they are exceptional!

Lee Hubner | Principal | Our Savior's Lutheran School | Hutchinson, MN

Listen To Sandy O'Rourke We asked Peter Nestler to come and present an assembly to our pre-K - 6 on January 22nd. We are starting our Jump Rope for Heart that we do every year and I thought this would be a good tie-in with Peter being a World Champion rope jumper. Anyway, we asked Peter to come and he presented just a phenomenal 45 minute presentation where he showed some of the skills that he has, he involved several of our students during 2 different times throughout the performance. His message was nice and clear and to the point. Where kids and people always want to be champions at something, the first thing you need to do is get smart, learn all you can about the skill that you want to become very good at and then you just need to get going, and that is practice, practice, practice.

His message was that it takes continual practice, but it doesn't need to be for long period of time throughout the day to get better at a skill. I would highly recommend Peter to come to any school, his enthusiasm was fantastic and he really involved the students. Not only did they get the message, but they were able to participate and be entertained at the same time.

Sandy O'Rourke | Principal | Tri-County Elementary | Thornburg, IA

Listen To Dave Oleson I would highly recommend Peter and his assembly. The program was outstanding, it got kids interested in, not only exercise, but he had a great message that was practice hard. And the kids left enthusiastic about the assembly and, again, I would highly recommend this to any school that is considering it.

Dave Oleson | Dean of Students | Lakewood Elementary | Norwalk, IA

Listen To Jason McNeely We just had Peter Nestler in, the Rope Master. It's one of finest performances we've had. The message, how to be a champion, you're listening to a champion give you that message. Like I told my kids afterwards, we are listening to the Michael Jordan of jump roping. He did a fast-paced 45 minute assembly and it was very easy to work with. I would recommend Peter to any school anywhere. He does an excellent job.

Jason McNeely | Principal | Hayward Elementary | Nebraska City, NE

Listen To Tom Barr More than anytime now I think its important that our students get the message of integrity and doing things the right way and not taking short cuts and Peter's message really hit home with that today. Not only that, but the talent he displayed with the jump roping. The fact that he was able to get some of the students in and participate with them, all of the different aspects of that. It showed the kids that hard work and work ethic and strong values and being able to stick to something really will give them success in the future and I think that's an important message that our kids need today. It was a straight forward message it was fast paced the kids were engaged the whole time and he did a wonderful job of mixing his ability with jumping rope with a very important message. We were very thrilled to have him here and he did a fantastic job.

Tom Barr | Principal | Schuyler High School | Queen City, MO

Listen To Tom Sack We hosted Peter Nestler, the Rope Master, today. I tell you, he is an excellent performer, very unique with a very different style of physical education program. We just really enjoyed it. We had 2 groups, Kindergarten through 2nd grade group and a 3rd grade through 5th grade group. Both groups were just enthralled with him, a real good performer, one of the things that I really liked about his performance and his message for today is he talked with the kids about being champions. We talk with our kids about being winners all of the time and that just really fit in very well with our particular message. I would encourage any school, any group to have the Rope Master come to your school.

Tom Sack | Principal | Atchison Primary | Atchison, KS

Listen To Melanie DeMoss We just had Peter, the Rope Master, come to our school and provide for us an assembly and it was perfect for our needs here at Arbor Creek. We're getting ready to take the Kansas assessment tests and the things that he emphasized about getting plugged into the right way and getting smart and then just get going, just do it were exactly what we needed in order to encourage our kids to do well on those assessments and number one, to just entertain them. They had a great time today and the message that he sent was so very positive, that even if you're a champion you've got to keep practicing and you've got to keep trying hard.

Melanie DeMoss | Principal | Arbor Creek Elementary School | Olathe, KS

Listen To Susan McCollegan We just had the assembly with the Rope Master. I felt like it was very worthwhile for my students, we had about an hour and the kids were excited. It was a fun thing to see somebody who works so hard to become a World Champion at jump roping. He gave the kids something to think about in terms of a different kind of physical activity which we're always looking for. It was very motivational in that he explained how hard one must work to become a World Champion. We had some nice motivating moments and a fantastic finale. We would have him come back anytime and I think that you would enjoy having him make a presentation for your kids.

Susan McCollegan | Principal | Fremont Elementary School | Springfield, MO

Listen To Karen Smith We were just fortunate to have Peter Nestler and his Rope Master program. Really, the students were enthralled. I was mostly impressed with the message that was sent. There were several messages there, it was about the kids kind of getting motivated, be smart, get going to continue to have a commitment to do the best they can as they watched him perform. Of course they were very much in awe of all the wonderful tricks that he was able to do. Again, the closing, I felt was particularly beneficial for students because he talked about students needing to earn and people needing to earn the things that they achieve and meeting the goals that they set. They can't sit back and wait for those things to come to them, they have to decide to reach out and to earn them. It was an outstanding production. I already have had a lot of kids come up and thank me for allowing us to have him in.

Karen Smith | Principal | Mark Twain Elementary | Brentwood, MO

Listen To Tillie Winchester We just had Mr. Peter here at our school and he did 2 assemblies for our K through 4 students. It was awesome, the kids loved it. He did some really neat tricks that the kids were excited about jump roping. Also, he talked about what it takes to be a champion, which is a good message there and practice hard. He also did some things in the dark which really got the kids motivated on all the things that they can do with a jump rope. It didn't look sissy like some boys have that mentality about jump roping. It was very, very entertaining as well as informative. We've really enjoyed it, now my kids are all excited about jumping rope and I would recommend this program to anybody who is thinking about having a jump rope team or just doing jump rope in general in their PE curriculum. It was very, very good and would recommend it to any school that's thinking about it.

Tillie Winchester | PE Teacher | Maple Grove Elementary | Dittmer, MO

Listen To Elaine Clement I have 450 students who just enjoyed the Rope Master and his assistant. We gathered in the gym this rainy afternoon and it was certainly a bright spot. These performers are awesome. They did an excellent job and mesmerized us all. What I think was as impressive as anything, not only are they so talented World Champions, this gentlemen knows what he's doing. With our current focus on coordinated school health, this was the perfect program because he talked about wellness and demonstrated wellness and talked about how to be a champion at everything you do. His advice was excellent, his time was well spent with us. I would highly recommend this assembly, it's one of the best we've ever had.

I've had teachers exiting with their classes this afternoon saying, wow! That was awesome! or what a valuable program or an excellent choice for a program. We don't always hear that. These folks brought talent with them as well as an important message. Our student body was very attentive and enjoyed it. We have pre-schoolers through 5th graders and I think everybody left here just amazed. An amazing, awesome program that we were delighted to have this afternoon and would love to have back. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Being a former middle school principal, working with grades 6 through 8, I would love to have it for a middle school program also. I would certainly highly recommend it for most any audience and I certainly appreciate the time people have given us.

Elaine Clement | Principal | Bells Elementary | Bells, TN

Listen To Livia Callahan We really enjoyed and loved the Rope Master. The most important part about it is when the kids walk out and they're still talking about an assembly. That pretty much lets you know that you've done an awesome job in planning. Also, he did a great job of delivering a message as well as showing the students new tricks. We had one student who said she's going to go home and ask Santa for a jump rope for Christmas. Anyway we can make a difference in the lives of kids, and I think the Rope Master does exactly that. The kids were very excited, very motivated and the message behind the jump roping was also to encourage the students to practice, practice, practice. We enjoyed the program and we look forward to inviting him back again next year.

Livia Callahan | Principal | Camey Elementary School | The Colony, TX

Listen To Michelle Asous We just had Peter Nestler do an assembly for our academy and it was a wonderful experience. He had great participation from our students, they were excited, they were pulled into the whole assembly. They had a great response to all of his messages, he had a great message for our students about getting out there, staying fit, doing what you need to do to be a champion. It wasn't just about winning, but it was about being a champion and I think that really spoke to our staff and to our students. If you are thinking about having an assembly and having someone come and do that at your school, I would really recommend him, I think he's done a great job and we really appreciated all the time that he gave us.

Michelle Asous | Director | Winwood Christian Academy | Houston, TX

Listen To Jill Bartikowsky We just had Peter demonstrating his jump rope skills and his awesome unicycling talents with the jump rope. I recommend his show to all ages, from Kindergarten all the way up through secondary school. The kids were totally engaged, they enjoyed the performance. He had some awesome jump rope tricks. The message that he sends to the kids was how to become a champion, which was really wonderful, talking about how to be positive and how to have friends around you that would have you be positive to become a champion. The entire show was motivational, entertaining, a lot of fun and I totally recommend this for all ages.

Jill Bartikowsky | PE Teacher | Pattison Elementary School | Katy, TX

Listen To Laurie Garci He was great for our students, very captivating and very motivating for our students. Not only was he promoting physical fitness, but hard work and determination, so teamwork was also something that he incorporated which I thought was awesome. I really liked the messages that he was sending to the students, and not only the students, but the teachers. He incorporated a lot of social studies aspects, science aspects, he talked a little bit about where he lived, really 2 teachable moments there. A very wonderful show, the students were all engaged and on task. He did a phenomenal job and was able to focus on 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, so it was a large group. I would definitely recommend him for any school that's looking to promote physical activity, teamwork, hard work and perseverance.

Laurie Garci | Principal | Black Elementary | Houston, TX

Listen To Lynn Pierson Peter Nestler came and did his Rope Master jumping as a program for my 6th graders. What appealed to me was that it supported my PE curriculum and being fit and the importance of the body as well as the mind, the whole child. Then he has a very inspirational piece that he has well, where he talks to the kids about being successful requires them to delay gratification. These kids these days are really into instant gratification so it was nice to hear that. I enjoyed having him here and I would recommend him to any school or even a staff development for teachers.

Lynn Pierson | Principal | Luna Middle School | San Antonio, TX

Listen To Dr. John Kennedy We had the pleasure of having Peter in a fabulous jump rope performance. We have a focus on wellness this year, so his motivational message about health and excellence and hard work resonates with all our children. I'm also the father of two boys, a second grader and a fourth grader, and they both came to me and said, can he come back tomorrow? Can I get a jump rope? We want to jump rope. In having coached for 14 years I know how important jump rope is, so we get our children doing it for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong wellness. This is an absolute must assembly, we bring in people for theater, musicians and this is an absolute must book for you. Fantastic, I give it an A+!

Dr. John Kennedy | Director | St. Anthony Elementary | San Antonio, TX

Listen To Felipe Garcia I enjoyed the performance very much. I really enjoyed the message that he was getting out to our students. The message of trying something everyday, not to give up. Also, I really liked the participation of the students in his performance. I highly recommend it and hope to see him again.

Felipe Garcia | PE Teacher | Sunset Elementary School | Roswell, NM

Listen To Muriel Dagenal Peter Nestler was here today and did a great job of motivating the kids to get both mental and physical exercise and to work hard, practice hard to meet their goals. He also was really entertaining and fun to watch, he's an incredible jump roper! You ought to have him come.

Muriel Dagenal | Principal | Berrendo Elementary | Roswell, NM

Listen To Mandy Waxler We were just engaged with an assembly with the Rope Master, Peter Nestler. It was very highly interactive and engaging where kids were brought down to the floor and asked to partake in jump roping activities with the Jump Rope Master. Kids were very excited, it was very engaging. Peter was able to motivate kids to do their best in everything that they do and that everybody, with a lot of practice and hard work, can do anything that they strive to do. I recommend this assembly to any school and we were very, very glad to have him.

Mandy Waxler | Principal | Mohave Valley Elementary | Mohave Valley, AZ

Listen To Debbie Padilla We have grades 3, 4 and 5. Our student population is about 330 students. We're in a rural part of Arizona and we were very pleased with the program that we had today. The students were overwhelmed with the amount of information they received about trying to be a positive student as they're growing up, getting information about having good fitness and taking care of themselves. The message that Peter gave to them was very positive, for them to have confidence in themselves, not to let others interfere with the direction they may choose, something that may be unusual, to have confidence to continue doing it. Boys and girls enjoy hearing that and it's a good message for them to get at this age as they can be very influenced by peers. Also, the student participation, they really enjoyed seeing their friends get up. Most of the students at our school have been together for years and years, so they know each other very well so when students get up in front of the audience to do an audience participation activity, they really enjoy that.

I think that some of the different activities that Peter showed them, they were very astonished at the different things he could do with a jump rope and the unicycle. Hopefully it will motivate them to try some different things. We do a jump rope for heart activity in February so this was a big kick-off for our school as we raise money for the Heart Association and we do it through jump rope. I would definitely recommend this program for other schools, it was an awesome program, the students loved every single minute of it and were just totally enthralled with the program. We loved it.

Debbie Padilla | Principal | Kingman Academy of Learning Interme | Kingman, AZ

Listen To Ron Casey I just wanted to say a few words about the great show that Peter put on for us today. It was one of the best assemblies we've ever had in my 3 years here as principal at Desert Valley. What I liked best about it was the wonderful message, the life lessons that he brings to children and shows what he does, how he does and how he's become a success and what they can do to become a success. A truly professional show and one well worth having at your school.

Ron Casey | Principal | Desert Valley Elementary | Bullhead City, AZ

Listen To Karen Higgs We loved the Jump Rope Master assembly because it was entertaining and exciting and got our kids excited about exercising and they were very enthusiastic and I'm sure everyone will be out on the playground jump roping tomorrow. We also liked that he talked about practicing hard and that you don't get good overnight, we loved that.

Karen Higgs | Teacher | Mountain View Elementary | Bullhead City, AZ

Listen To Annie Ying We invited today the Rope Master to come and we were very delighted with what he had to show us. It was very motivational, he gave a lot of good tips for the kids, showed the kids how to do the jump rope, even the unicycle and the kids were delighted to have him here. He was great. He got everyone jumping around, getting very excited and I liked the fact that he pointed out that it takes a lot of practice, practice, practice. Simple jump rope is not that easy once you combine all these tricks and he makes it look so easy because he does so much practice. The kids got a really good idea of that. We were very happy to have him here, it was a great show, all 500 kids of ours were very excited to see him and I think it was a wonderful show. I hope you get a chance to invite him as well.

Annie Ying | Parent / PTA | Argonaut Elementary School | Saratoga, CA

Listen To Jan Brunkel We have just finished 2 amazing assemblies for our Kindergarten through 8th grade. We did a K-4 and then a 5th through 8th grade. How entertaining and inspirational Peter was. It was just amazing. Our kids were left asking for more. I highly recommend this particular assembly and it will be a treat for your students.

Jan Brunkel | Principal | San Ramon Valley Christian Academy | Danville, CA

Listen To Peter Simack My school has just witnessed a wonderful assembly by Peter Nestler, World Champion rope jumper. We experienced / witnessed a wonderfully dynamic and engaging assembly program. Audience participation was very high, I have a very small Kindergarten through 12th grade program and the assembly held the attention of virtually all of my students, from Kindergarten all the way up through my seniors. Good for all ages and probably even more importantly he communicated a great message for my kids which is: Never give up and to practice hard, and if you put your mind to it you can do whatever it is that you want to. A great, great assembly, I highly recommend it.

Peter Simack | Principal | Marchus School | Concord, CA

Listen To Sharon Roxburgh I coordinate assemblies and we bring in 6-8 assemblies into our school every year. Today we had the most fabulous jump rope assembly. This assembly really encourages children to set goals, to understand that by perseverance and attitude that they can change their life and accomplish that might not have thought they could accomplish before. Every child was engrossed with the assembly and the teachers were thrilled. This is really a worthy assembly.

Sharon Roxburgh | Magnet Specialist | Dr. Juliette Thorner School | Bakersfield, CA

Listen To Kerry Beauchaine Oak Valley is a K-8 school of about 465 children. We recently had Peter, the Rope Master, at our school and he was definitely a big hit with our kids. He is very energetic, involved with the audience, does a lot of amazing things with both jump ropes and unicycles. He really had a great message for kids as to how to be champions by having both physical and mental exercise. The children were very engrossed in everything that he did and he kept their attention all throughout. I would definitely recommend him to your school, it's a great assembly and very reasonably priced.

Kerry Beauchaine | Superintendent / Principal | Oak Valley Elementary School | Tulare, CA

Listen To Yolanda Hamilton We were very fortunate today that we had the Rope Master, Peter. We had 2 shows, the students enjoyed both shows. He has high energy, it's entertaining and not only is it entertaining he teaches about the importance of exercise. He explains to students how many out of 10 boys and girls have great skills. It motivates students to exercise more, at least an hour a day, and get moving! You will enjoy this show, I highly recommend it.

Yolanda Hamilton | Principal | Delevan Drive Elementary School | Los Angeles, CA

Listen To Robert Pasztor I would highly recommend this jump roping activity for any school! We have primary all the way to High school here and in terms of teaching the kids how to accomplish a technical skill just by a lot of practice, it was very representative of that and again, I would highly recommend it for anybody. It was a lot of fun, very energetic and truly entertaining. It was a good show.

Robert Pasztor | Director | South West Primary Learning Center | Albuquerque, NM

Listen To Nancy Weisenhorn & Sara Johnston We just experienced the Rope Master and it was an amazing show. The kids were so excited, enthusiastic and all ready to go out and jump rope, I highly recommend it to anyone. Wow! What a great performance, I really recommend it also to any school that's looking for something to be highly motivational for kids. He was willing to help us out with fundraising for our programs. Thank you so much for everything that you did and we'll have you come back next year, hopefully. We loved the message of practice hard! Awesome for our kids.

Nancy Weisenhorn & Sara Johnston | Art / Music Teacher | Harrington Elementary School | Denver, CO

Listen To Amy Burns I recommend the Jump Masters program. It was a motivational program where he talked about making good choices and perseverance. Getting things in life isn't always easy, you have to work for them to get your goals. He talked about middle school students knowing what they want to do now in life and working toward that goal. Getting things in life that are simple usually doesn't give you the greatest outcome.

He was very energetic, very active, the kids responded well. During the assembly, they were actively involved, he had lots of different volunteers get up and jump rope with him, he showed them different tricks, talked to them throughout the program and ended with a great finale, a light show.

I think it's one of those assemblies that will stick with the students because it was very interactive and very exciting for them. His message will actually mean something to them instead of someone sitting there talking to them about why they should make good choices. He was able to use his jump roping ability and skill to demonstrate to them that with perseverance this is what you can do.

Amy Burns | Principal | Bennett Middle School | Bennett, CO

Listen To Stachia Rice The performance was amazing. It held the attention of our pre-schoolers all the way to our 8th graders. The message was wonderful, to work hard to get what you want. The athleticism was great, it held everyone's attention and was very exciting.

Stachia Rice | Assistant Principal | Bethune Schools | Bethune, CO

Listen To Rhonda Heim We had Peter Nestler, Jump Rope Champion, come to our school. It was a fantastic experience for our kids. We were very pleased with the audience participation of our kids. We're building a program for our kids to show, practice hard and dedication, building the basics and working on foundations. Peter did a great job of talking to our kids at their level, K-3 and 4-6, about how to practice hard and stay dedicated to what it is that they want to achieve. We would have Peter Nestler back into our school district for another demonstration at any time that he was in this part of the country. The kids enjoyed it, the teachers enjoyed it, all the staff that was there enjoyed it and we were very impressed with our results.

Rhonda Heim | Principal | Syracuse Elementary | Syracuse, KS

Listen To Eric Smith Peter Nestler was here today and has done a great job. He related well to the audience and the kids. Great crowd participation, he kept everybody involved and excited. He does a great job with the jump roping, there's a reason he's a World Champion and he showed it today. The message that he brought was great! The kids stayed involved and really enjoyed it. I appreciate him coming and recommend him to anybody that is looking for an exciting program to show their kids.

Eric Smith | Superintendent | Texhoma High School | Texhoma, OK

Listen To Andrea Rains We are a pre-K through 5 elementary school with approximately 550 students. Recently our school has focused on promoting heart healthy life-long lifestyles and with Peter, the Jump Rope Master, we have been able to integrate this program into our heart healthy focus. This program does focus and promote a lifelong style of exercise and there are lots of strong points in his presentation. First of all, he supports and believes in audience participation and many students were able to participate. It is motivational and inspirational as Peter assures each child that he or she can be a champion and do something in life. Also, he explains about research that shows that not enough children get enough exercise everyday. He teaches that we each need to get one hour of exercise each day and talks about the different ways that can be done. Also, another thing that I really liked about this program is that he included some very specific vocabulary and even math building skills. Imagine about teaching about 360 or 390 degree angle with jump ropes among many other things that he teaches. So I recommend this program and think that you'll enjoy it as much as our students.

Andrea Rains | Principal | Sangre Ridge Elementary | Stillwater, OK

Listen To Gayle Jones Westerberg Our P.E. teacher invited Peter Nestler to perform at an assembly at our school today. This was one of the best assemblies that we've had. Of course we're very interested in promoting physical fitness, purposeful movement and we would love to see our children more involved with jumping rope and just healthy activities. This assembly really promoted that in a very positive way. Peter obviously has a great deal of experience with assemblies. The behavior of our students was very good, which of course we hope it always is, but he had many strategies that really kept their attention for almost a full hour. Promoting physical fitness, talking about being smart, getting ready and how it takes hard work to put it in to being a champion. I think there was good messages as well as good modeling and really reinforced healthy life-styles. I would definitely want to have Peter Nestler back to our school for another assembly.

Gayle Jones Westerberg | Principal | Dillon Valley Elementary | Dillon, CO

Listen To Kaylyn Mueske We just had Peter Nestler come and do an assembly for us. All I can say is, "Wow"! It was fabulous. He made jump roping look so easy and the students were totally captivated by his performance. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Kaylyn Mueske | Literacy Facilitator | Terra Linda Elementary | West Jordan, UT

Listen To Linda Reichardt We have a student population of about 200. Our students just finished an assembly with Peter Nestler and his wife. Peter was motivating, entertaining, brought the students down to volunteer. It was very, very fast-paced, the kids loved him, the teachers were very excited about it, the P.E. teachers were really enthused. He talks about physical fitness, he talks about delayed gratification and practicing in life. It was an excellent assembly and I think it's well worth the money to spend. It ties in with physical education beautifully and with motivation. If a principal is wondering about what to have for an assembly, I heartily recommend Peter Nestler. It was an excellent assembly.

Linda Reichardt | Principal | Marsh Valley Middle School | Arimo, ID

Listen To Joseph Jisa He came to our school on Oct. 3rd and put on an assembly for our students and it was wonderful. Very positive message, he talked about kids staying healthy and what it takes to be a champion and what it takes to be your best. I would definitely recommend him to go to any school. He's got a message for any age level so again, I would recommend him to come to your school, wonderful presentation and again, great message for the students. It gets the students involved and was a wonderful time for our kids and great message for the students, thank you.

Joseph Jisa | Principal | Christ the King School | Richland, WA

Listen To Jennifer Tjaarda We just watched the Jump Rope Master perform. Awesome performance! Great motivation, great audience participation and the kids thoroughly enjoyed him.

Jennifer Tjaarda | P.E. Teacher | Weddle Elementary | Keizer, OR

Listen To Mark Hinthorn I highly recommend Peter Nestlers' jump rope assembly to any school that would be interested in having a fun, exciting, motivating assembly where students are encouraged to learn to be champs and how to get smart and get going in whatever they're doing. It's fast, action packed, interactive, students are successful, kids are laughing and having a good time and it's just a wonderful way to encourage students to be healthy and to be active. I highly recommend the assembly to any of those looking for an experience like that.

Mark Hinthorn | Principal | Newby Elementary | McMinnville, OR

Listen To Karen Johnson We were very pleased to have the Rope Masters at Sheridan for an assembly this afternoon. Not only were they engaging, the students were engaged, but they delivered a very clear message on the importance of exercise and the importance of physical fitness, mental fitness and the time that students need to do those activities. The kids were involved, engaged, they had active participation and we were thrilled to have the Rope Masters here at Sheridan. Again we thank you very much for the time you put into making this very pertinent to our student body.

Karen Johnson | Learning Director | Sheridan Elementary | Orange Cove, CA

Listen To Kevin Farmisco We just had the Rope Master out at our school for an assembly. It was a great assembly, the students were captivated by him, his message was very clear and very poignant for these kids, especially this age. Students tend not to think too far into the future at this stage in their life, but he presented a message to them that was needed to be heard by these students. I would recommend him to any and all middle schools out there. The program, the jump rope portion of it, very athletic and geared toward getting the kids active and involved in activity. It was a wonderful program, I would recommend it to anybody and I'm wanting to book him again for next year.

Kevin Farmisco | Activities Director | Ranchos Middle School | Madera, CA

Listen To Nicole White Our students were thoroughly engaged by the presentation by Peter Nestler. He was engaging to them, they were enthusiastic and had their eyes on him at every moment. We appreciated the strong emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle and delayed gratification. All things that we're trying to impart to our students about setting goals and living life to it's fullest. Peter hit every one of those with clarity. The students have left the assembly and are all out on the field practicing their jump roping skills, which is exciting to see and is encouraging. We know they were paying attention 100% of the time, so a big thank you and I hope that you are able to invite Peter to your institution.

Nicole White | Principal | Wasuma Elementary | Ahwahnee, CA

Listen To Lia Boucher I'm the principal at Highland and our students had the pleasure of seeing the Rope Master assembly. Peter did an outstanding job. He wowed students from Kindergarten to 6th grade and the adults as well. I am most impressed with the message he gave our kids about how to be champions. This message will be repeated throughout the year as we teach our students to exercise their bodies and minds on their way to becoming champions. Thank you so much Peter.

Lia Boucher | Principal | Highland Elementary | Riverside, CA

Listen To Michelle Hatch The Jump Rope Master came out to do a show today. He is terrific at getting the kids actively engaged and getting them focused on what he was doing. He had some really exciting tricks to show the kids, but with a message about working hard that can apply no matter what area you're trying to succeed at. I highly recommend it, it was a great show.

Michelle Hatch | Director | Carden School | Camarillo, CA

Listen To Laurie Adams We have a special-ed school that is primary, pre-school through second grade. It was a great show to teach the kids to work hard and keep practicing and you can do anything you want to do. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and the energy level was extremely high and the kids got into it. Hope you enjoy it too.

Laurie Adams | | Lokrantz School | Reseda, CA

Listen To Joyce Sellers I am the principal of West Valley Special Ed. Center. We just had our performance with Peter, the Rope Master. It was a great performance! He had a lot of children coming up and participating in the program with him doing jump rope activities. His unicycle was fabulous. The children enjoyed the program, it was very active and a lot of action and they enjoy that. They loved the participation. It was at the beginning of the school year and was the kick off for our Jump Rope for Heart. We truly enjoyed the participation and the performance this morning. We would recommend Peter and his wife Alicia for future performances.

Joyce Sellers | Principal | West Valley Special Education Cente | Van Nuys, CA

Listen To Gary Spiker We're a small school of about 300. Peter, the Rope Master, we loved your program. We will recommend your program to any school that is willing to have you in there. It's fantastic and schools should do this. Our kids loved it the whole time, they loved the audience participation. The light show at the end was fantastic. This is a fantastic program to show to your kids. Our school is a K-12 school and it was appropriate for all ages.

Gary Spiker | Superintendent | Ash Fork School | Ash Fork, AZ

Listen To Amy Kreutz Peter did an awesome job getting all the students' attention for the assembly. We have a strong Character Counts program and his lesson on perseverance and keep trying and work hard really hit home with a lot of the kids. He involved the kids and even a teacher, which they loved. The glow-in-the-dark was probably the highlight for the students and the teachers. It was awesome to see and the music was great and he had their attention the whole time.

Amy Kreutz | Counselor | Upper Elementary | Grove, OK

Listen To Amy Greathead We just had in Peter, the Rope Master, for grades K through 6. Our kids absolutely loved it! The program is very energetic, it's very fun, the kids are amazed by the technique in the sports that are done. The ending ceremony where he does it in the dark is absolutely amazing. It brought in our principal, our superintendent and our lunch ladies who were running down the hall to catch the action. I highly recommend this program for any grades. It's definitely worth it, a lot of fun and a lot of entertainment.

Amy Greathead | PTA | Oaklyn Public School | Oaklyn, NJ

Listen To Mark Good We had Peter, the Rope Master, today for an assembly. I can not recommend him enough! His show and his message were excellent. He would be great for any group setting, very motivational and very encouraging.

Mark Good | Principal | Mountain Mission School | Grundy, VA

Listen To Gary McCullough We just had Mr. Nestler for a ropes presentation here at a middle school here in Maryland. It was an absolutely fantastic presentation. It was a powerful message about having to work for things in your life and have that motivation to push for it and persevere.

Mr. Nestler was not only incredibly entertaining, but he also delivered that powerful message to our young middle school students who really need to see how success is earned and that there is an opportunity for them to succeed and they really need to focus on their goals in order to persevere in life. Mr. Nestler was incredibly professional and just an outstanding person. I would highly recommend the assembly that he has had for us.

Gary McCullough | Principal | Rock Hall Middle School | Rock Hall, MD

Listen To Various Staff We had a chance to see Peter perform a wonderful, outstanding program, the kids were excited...I liked the light show at the end...The message was extraordinary, the show was dynamic, the kids were glued to the performance. Every part of it, your metaphors beautifully placed...I had the opportunity to see this with the seventh graders, awesome message!...It's definitely difficult to get the attention of eighth graders and the eighth graders were listening to every word he had to say and I really think they took it in and took away a very positive message from the assembly...I was glued to the performance myself and the kids, and I have a tough group of kids, I teach special ed, and the kids enjoyed it so much. He was outstanding, entertaining, but really got the heart of the kids without lecturing, I was most impressed!

Various Staff | Teacher | Spring Grove Middle School | Spring Grove, PA

Listen To Beth Bauer We were fortunate enough to have Peter, the amazing jump roper, with us today. He presented 2 assembly programs of which both of them maintained student engagement for the entire 45-50 minutes for which he presented. By the looks on students' faces and the smiles I know how much they enjoyed the program. I haven't left the gymnasium where Peter performed and I've already received feedback from quite a few staff members regarding his performance today. Outstanding assembly program, it ties in really well with our wellness initiative and the idea of students becoming active. I also liked hearing his message about practicing and working hard and that type of thing because those are messages that we try to instill in our students all the time.

Beth Bauer | Principal | Shady Grove Elementary | Ambler, PA

Listen To Valerie Ulrich

Valerie Ulrich | Asst. Principal | Van Derveer School | Somerville, NJ

Listen To Brian Brine

Brian Brine | Asst. Principal | Circleville Elementary | Circleville, NY

Listen To Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy | Principal | Casimir Pulaski School | Yonkers, NY

Listen To Joan Babcock

Joan Babcock | Principal | DW Elementary School | Mamaroneck, NY

Listen To Francis Cocozza

Francis Cocozza | Principal | Lake George Jr/Sr High | Lake George, NY

Listen To Tom Eagan

Tom Eagan | Principal | Glendaal Elementary School | Scotia, NY

Listen To Sari VanSleet

Sari VanSleet | Counselor | Boght Hills Elementary | Cohoes, NY

Listen To Becky Brannigan

Becky Brannigan | Teacher | St. Margaret of Scotland School | Green Tree, PA

Listen To Mark Miller

Mark Miller | Principal | Eisenhower Elementary School | Upper St. Clair, PA

Listen To James Bradford

James Bradford | Principal | Ellet High School | Akron, OH

Listen To Mark Winkle

Mark Winkle | Principal | North Side Elementary | Union City, IN

Listen To Patricia Gilliland

Patricia Gilliland | Principal | Lincoln Trail Elementary | Lamar, IN

Listen To Tommy Hager

Tommy Hager | PE Teacher | Salem Elementary | Apex, NC

Listen To Marcia Bone

Marcia Bone | Principal | Tecumseh South Elementary | Tecumseh, KS

Listen To Kevin Frick

Kevin Frick | Teacher | Tecumseh South Elementary | Tecumseh, KS

Listen To Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson | Asst. Principal | Chocachatti Elementary | Brooksville, FL

Listen To Penny Howard

Penny Howard | Principal | Turtle Lake Elementary | Shoreview, MN

Listen To Michael Taloney

Michael Taloney | Principal | Chocachatti Elementary | Brooksville, FL

Listen To Susan Mosay

Susan Mosay | Asst. Principal | Piney Orchard Elementary | Odenton, MD

Listen To Elizabeth Leventry

Elizabeth Leventry | P.E. Teacher | Quarterfield Elementary | Severn, MD

Listen To Angela Lunda

Angela Lunda | Principal | Gastineau Elementary School | Juneau, AK

Listen To Tom Milliron

Tom Milliron | Principal | Floyd Dryden Middle School | Juneau, AK

Listen To Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson | Principal | Glacier Valley Elementary | Juneau, AK

Listen To Janice Harrington

Janice Harrington | President | USA Jump Rope | Torrington, CT

Listen To Artie Furlow

Artie Furlow | Principal | Camden-Fairview Intermediate School | Camden, AR

Listen To Rodney Williams

Rodney Williams | Principal | Camden-Fairview Middle School | Camden, AR

Listen To Rick Wiles We've had the pleasure of having Peter Nestler from Rope Masters do an inservice for my staff of 260 teachers. I would be very pleased to share his expertise with you, I highly recommend his program for an inservice in your building with students and/or staff. Peter is an outstanding individual for motivational speaking as well as performance opportunities. Make sure you contact Peter.

Rick Wiles | Co-ordinator | MAHPERD | Annapolis, MD

Listen To Lisa Baynes

Lisa Baynes | Youth Market Director | American Heart Association | Anne Arundel County, MD