Below are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find your answer below, or if you think of a question you think should be on here, send us an email with your question and we’ll be happy to answer your inquiry.

1. Where are you willing to travel to?

Anywhere! I love seeing new places, whether it’s just down the road or on the other side of the world. I have performed in all 50 states and over 30 countries on almost every continent. Wherever you are located, I would love to come to your school.

2. Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do. Generally we try to do more than one school while in an area. If you’re willing to help spearhead the effort to get some other schools booked during the same time as your program, we offer discounts off your show price based on the number of other schools you help with.

3. Do you charge for travel expenses?

Yes and no. If we are only going to be doing your school then we do have to charge for travel. This is generally a plane ticket, hotel and rental car cost that we determine based on your location and where we’re coming from. However, if we are able to book multiple schools during the same trip, we do not charge any travel fees. We want our show to be as affordable as possible so we highly encourage you to coordinate with other schools in your area. We are happy to give you a flat fee at the time of booking that includes travel if that is your preference.

4. Do you jump in water at your shows?

No! I do have a number of pictures and video clips on the site where I am jumping in water, it looks cool, but it’s not practical in a live setting. I used the effect for a video and photo shoot I was doing, but it’s never been a part of any live show I’ve ever done. Plus, it’s really hard to do without making a lot of mistakes, try it sometime!

5. Do you have time for question and answer during your show?

It depends on the schedule. Normally I try to allow time for a couple quick questions at the end of the show, but I can’t always guarantee it since some days I’m forced to race to the airport to catch a flight. If you would really like this, just let me know before we start and I’ll make sure to allow a few minutes at the end for it.

6. How long is your show?

The typical show length is 45 minutes. I have found this fits most schedules best while not being too long for younger students. However, if you want the show to be a specific amount of time, I can adjust to fit ANY schedule. I have done shows as short as 5 minutes and as long as 75. My preferred time range is 30-50 minutes.

7. How much room do you need? What kind of stage setup do you like?

This is a tricky question. I have jumped in pretty much every space allotment known to man, but I do have some preferences that make sure we have enough room to do everything in the show. On that front, below are the most common preferences.Height: The best ceiling height is 12 feet or higher. I can work with lower, but it limits some of the skills that I do.

Width: I prefer an area that is 20 feet or wider. I can certainly work with smaller than this, but 20 feet allows me ample room to move with the unicycle and some of the audience participation things I do.

Depth: 10 feet or deeper is preferred. I do need to have enough room so that I am not hitting people in the front row with my rope.

Here comes the fun part. My primary concern when setting up for a show is that everyone can see as well as possible. Sometimes this requires thinking a little outside of the box. If you have a stage that has enough room to work with and is up higher than the audience, I will prefer to be on the stage. This allows everyone to be able to see better. If you don’t have a stage and there are bleachers, I prefer everyone be seated in the bleachers. I don’t mind having a couple rows of students on the floor, but having more in the bleachers is preferred.

If you have a gym without bleachers and no stage then I typically try to seat the students in a semi-circle. This allows more students a front row seat. I try to limit the number of rows as much as possible since the further back someone sits, the harder time they will have being able to see my feet.

If you have any questions about the setup, I am always happy to help discuss your particular space and how best to set things up. Give me a call or send an email and we’ll get things figured out.

8. What about corporate shows? We just want a fun show with no speaking and a 20-30 minute demo.

For the non-education crowd there are lots of options. I have an extensive network of very skilled jumpers that I can bring along to your event. Whether it’s a party or large scale event (basketball half-times, trade shows, etc.) we can work with you to develop the perfect show for you. I have developed shows with as few as 3-4 jumpers and as large as 30-50, contact us and let us know what your event looks like, we’ll help you put something together that will fit your budget and venue.

9. What kind of sound equipment do you need/provide?

I always bring my own microphone and mp3 player for music. I have a receiver that I can plug into most sound systems (requires either one free xlr or 1/4″ input), but I do have connections from my microphone for either a Sennheiser or Audio-Technica body pack. After years of scratched discs, I finally got away from cd’s a couple years ago. I travel with an mp3 player that can be connected to pretty much anywhere a cd player can go. I have a few different types of connection cords with me so we can usually figure out something that will work.

10. Are you a clown?

Absolutely not! I am a professional rope jumper and unicyclist. I realize that many people associate unicycling with clowns, but this is certainly not the case with me. This isn’t a show that relies on cheap gimmicks or buffoonery to get a point across. I have worked very hard to develop a show that showcases my talents in a way that is appropriate for elementary, middle and high school audiences. One of my goals is to encourage students to master the skills or talents they possess, whether they are a little different or not. Do I have anything against clowns? No, but my shows are a completely different breed of performance.

11. What’s your favorite food?

Smoothies and Thai. I know they sound a bit at odds with each other, but a smoothie for breakfast is one of the greatest things known to man. On the other hand, good Thai food is amazing. One of the best culinary trips of my life was the 2 weeks I spent in Thailand. The food was amazing and I couldn’t get enough. I eat most anything (except cheese and shellfish).