I’m working like mad getting ready to head out to Pennsylvania today. I’ve got 2 shows tomorrow at a couple of different elementary schools and it should be fun. This is one of my rare days that I have a late flight instead of the usual 6 am ones. The only thing I worry about when taking a late flight is that there is some sort of delay that will cause me to miss my connection and then I can’t get there until the following day. I haven’t had it happen yet, but there have been a number of close calls over the years that thankfully the airlines were able to save me from. I have to give props to American Airlines on helping me with this. I had one trip to St. Louis a couple years ago and I was supposed to switch to United to get there, but my flight was delayed out of Tulsa which meant I would miss my connection. The agent worked for about 30 minutes on my problem before getting me moved up to First Class and routed me through a different city. The important thing I noticed that day is it makes a world of difference how you treat the agents when you have a problem. The guy in front of me started yelling at a different agent when he found out, and they couldn’t help him, I made sure to be really considerate to the person I was talking to and he made things work out for me. The moral, treat people better than they deserve (I’m not saying this guy deserved it, but in a case where they do, still treat them nice). Attitude and manners are so important, never let them slip.
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