A couple weeks ago I added a much needed, and frankly really cool, high defintion video camera to my collection of contraptions. That’s right, everything I produce from this point forward will be shot, edited and mastered in High Def. I realize that most people are still quite happy with standard definition (I certainly fall into that group myself), but I want to make sure that all the videos and products we create will be ready for the shift whenever that happens. The biggest change you’ll see right away is that all episodes of the videoKast, starting with #30, will be shot in High Def. I’ve been looking forward to being able to do this for quite some time and I’m very excited for it to begin. I’m also planning on doing some filming this upcoming year while on the road for a follow-up to Revolve. I’m looking to make the very first High Def jump rope movie. Very cool indeed.

I’ve included some pictures below of the new camera. In case you’re interested, I’ve been saving for over a year to afford this one, it’s a Sony PMW-EX1 which is light years beyond all the consumer and entry level prosumer cameras available. It’s one of the few relatively affordable cameras that actually shoots in true 1080P, not HDV, but true High Def. Hopefully you’ll be able to see a difference in quality as I begin using this new beauty.

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