Day 4 has been the least amount of jumping I’ve done so far, but also the most I’ve been involved on set. They were filming the scene that starts as soon as we finish our routine so we had to be there to show how we finish and our spacing for blocking purposes. We ended up being on set from 8 am to about 4 pm.

It was interesting to watch how they do a shoot where one person is playing 2 characters. In the movie, the lead is playing both main parts, so every shot has to be done multiple times as him playing both parts. Very enlightening and I learned a trick or two on how they do it.

After we finished up our time on set, we headed over to the basketball court and I worked with one of the other doubles who will be doing a bit of dance in the ropes. He works as a professional dancer and they brought him to give the character some rhythm as well as the difficulty that we’re putting into it. It was kind of fun to learn some dance moves that we could choreograph into our routine. We also had the kids do some more jumping in the ropes as we won’t know exactly what we’re doing until we get on set to shoot the scene. It’s always better to have too much prepared than not enough.

Sunday is our ‘day off’, though we will still be practicing as our second turner finally gets here and we have to perfect the routine tonight in the ropes for the first time. I’ve never met her before, but I hear that she’s a good turner. Monday is the day where we actually get out to film our part so we that’s all coming up very soon. One of the neat things about jump rope is combining different styles together to create custom routines. I’ve never jumped with any of these people before, but we’re still able to pull together a decently complicated routine in no time. In case anyone is wondering, we’ve got Stephen Simpson from Ohio and Cita Wise from Atlanta as the 2 other guys in the shoot. I will let you know the girls name whenever I can remember it. I’m going to rest a bit and then hit the ropes to get this all together.

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