I just finished 12 shows in 5 days. I had the opportunity to perform for schools in the Korea DOD (department of defense) area and I had a great time entertaining and educating the children of our overseas troops. This was my first trip to Asia and marked the start of my overseas adventures for the year. I am now headed down to New Zealand for 5 weeks before heading back to the states for 3 weeks of shows. I then turn around and fly to Vietnam for a month long trip with stops in Thailand and Cambodia.

Getting to experience a culture as rich and diverse as Korea through the prism of the American Military was a unique experience for me. I’ve performed at numerous bases on US soil, but this was my first overseas excursion involving the military (I would use the word deployment, but I’m a civilian and can’t pull that off without sounding like a goof). Most of us hear stories about our troops traveling to remote areas and the hardships they endure, but it’s easy to forget that many of them have their families right alongside and they go through many of the same experiences. The Korean people were very friendly and you get the vibe that they appreciate the role America has played to keep them safe over the years. On a side note: the food here rocks, I love Korean BBQ.

I was here to do my small part to encourage our troops in what they do. I may not be the big headliner they’ve all been waiting to see, but I get to encourage their students to live out their dreams. In the long run, that encouragement is going to mean a lot more in their lives than seeing a concert. That’s the part that I get to play in the lives of families…helping their kids learn to be a champion in life.

It was a blast getting to talk with students and find out where they are from. I had one girl mention that she had seen me at a school in San Antonio before, when she mentioned the school name I knew exactly where she was talking about. What a small world we live in.

Time to hop on another flight. I get to fly Korean Air this time around and it has been a great airline so far, hopefully that will stay true for the rest of my flights (especially since they are all over 11 hours). New Zealand…here I come!

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