I used to love playing the old Carmen Sandiego game as a kid. I always thought geography was fascinating and wondered what all those places actually looked like. Today, I have a few friends that joke about playing this with where is Peter. Recently, even I have a tough time remembering where I am and where I’m going. Right this second, I am sitting at Seoul airport about to board a flight to Vietnam.

This is a trip I have to say is extra exciting for me. We’re planning on visiting 3-4 countries I have never been to before and I love asian culture. I have a good friend who is Vietnamese and over the years, he has gotten me hooked on pho (amongst other things). Alicia and I are also huge fans of Thai food and this trip has us visiting Thailand, Cambodia and possibly Laos. Over the next month we are planning on bouncing all over the place and will be visiting numerous cities and seeing some awesome sights. I fully plan on taking over 5,000 pictures (which is one reason I love digital cameras).

So where in the world is Peter? Everyday will have a different answer, but I can promise you that wherever I am, it’s going to be an adventure.

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