I’ve set the date for my world record attempt for jumping on the unicycle. I have numerous trips coming up, but it just so happens that I will be near the headquarters for USA Jump Rope in Texas so I made the decision to do it down there. I will be doing a show on Feb. 20th at a middle school in Conroe and will set the record during the show. Hopefully the students will give me an energized atmosphere to make this thing official!

I’ve been working like mad since the beginning of January to set this record. For the past 3 weeks I have been able to break the current record on every attempt. That definitely bodes well for me doing it when it counts. Last Friday I hit 231 which is my highest to date. This week I’ve been quite tired and averaged a little lower at 227. Obviously I would like to set it in the 230+ neighborhood.

During the training I went on a pretty strict diet to maximize the results. As much fun as it is to sit there and measure everything I eat in a measuring cup, I sure can’t wait to be done with it. I’ve dropped to under 10% body fat and frankly, I had wanted to lose a few pounds and this gave me the motivation to do it. Yes, even us professional jump ropers can put on weight. I was never overly heavy, but I’m feeling much better now that I’m back in the super athlete fat zone level. The downside…no bread for the past month 🙁

Starting on Sunday I get extremely busy with my travel schedule. I will be bouncing around to a lot of different cities to perform and can’t wait to spend some quality time at the airport. Somehow I still have to find time to train for this record so that when Feb. 20 hits, I’m ready to destroy it!

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