Last night I set my 4th Guinness World Record for the year. I met up with the Super Skippers at the Cary YMCA in North Carolina since they have a bunch of certified judges. Coach Gary has been a friend of mine for quite a few years and I always enjoy hanging out with such a great coach and team. The record I set was for the most skips in 30 seconds on one foot. Check out the video and I’ll give you some info after the break.

If you’ve never tried jumping on one foot for 30 seconds, I would encourage you to give it a try. Because your center of balance is shifted, it works your muscles a little bit differently. This difference can make for some sore days when you first start training. I definitely had to put some time into working out the various muscle groups in my hip, calf, thigh, etc. to make sure I was ready to go on this one. I spent quite a bit of time doing interval training to speed up the final 10 seconds, but even with all the training, I still found that I always slowed down. When I did the record, I tried it 3 times during practice. My fastest was the second attempt, but I missed twice and ended up at 126 (even with losing 4-5 seconds due to the misses). Obviously missing is bad so I tried it a third time and I was able to do it with only one miss at 29 seconds. I’m never happy with a miss, but I ran out of time in the gym and had to accept that beating a world record by 17 percent would be acceptable.

I know that sounds a bit high headed, but my goal is always to set a personal best when I do a record and anytime I have a miss, I know I could have done an extra 4 jumps or so. I am trying to break a current world record, but in my head, I ‘m really trying to best myself. Anyway, I was glad to spend some time with Gary and crew and really appreciate using some of their time in the gym. I’m picking up a rope on Sunday to start training for the most skips in an hour (due to how long that is, I have decided to use a wire rope for the lower wrist speed effort it provides). I’m also continuing my training for the mile jumping record and scuba fin record. The fun just doesn’t stop!

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