Today I got an email from Guinness World Records stating that my record application for “Most Bum Skips in 30 Seconds” has been accepted and I now officially have that record as well! They even have my record up on their site (though I still wonder why my unicycle record hasn’t show up there yet….hmmmm). Click Here to check that out. I also finally made a mile on one foot during practice today in 20 minutes 16 seconds! I can’t even express how happy I am about that.

I also was able to meet up with Chase Carver and get the photo done for my Football (soccer) juggling record. Guinness was asking for this photo so I quickly rushed out to have it taken and sent over before I leave town tomorrow morning. I will be venturing to the wonderful land of Costa Rica for a couple days (long story, hopefully I can get some cool jumping photos there).

Things have been going quite well with everything. I’m training hard, in shape and traveling like mad around the US. Saturday and Sunday I had shows in Port Lavaca, TX and I’ll be heading to Pennsylvania for shows on Monday and Tuesday. Should be a fun run up to Thanksgiving!

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