I heard it through the grapevine the other day that someone has been trying to beat some of the Guinness World Records I set last year. One of them definitely was broken (my bum skip record is in need of a redo since it has officially been defeated) and the other one is tentative. I decided to take the challenge head on and break the records again. Since I’m still in rehab for my arm, the bum skip record will have to wait as that particular motion is fairly painful at the moment. The football (soccer) juggling record on the other hand, that one I can still do! I have been doing a bit of this during my shows lately so I haven’t lost the rhythm. In fact, it only took me 3 days of practice to not only get back to where I was before, but bypass it!

It worked out with my schedule that I happened to be traveling to North Carolina (actually Virginia, but flew into NC) for a show. I stopped by a rope skipping practice with the Salem Skip-Its and the coach (my good friend Tommy Hager) let me give it a go during practice. When I originally set the record last year I missed at 55 seconds and made it to 126. That 5 second window was exploited by someone and they were able to hit 134. The very first try I knocked it out of the park and hit 142! They beat my record by 8, I beat theirs by 8. Fitting. However, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy after that since I really wanted to hit 150. I came back the next day after my show and did some practice to see if I could go just a bit faster.

I had to give it 4 tries, but I got on a roll and was able to not only get to 150, I bypassed it and hit 156! Now that I could live with. It was tough leg workout, but I have finally set the record at a very tough to beat number. I do realize that the very nature of having a bunch of Guinness World Records will have many people trying to beat them, but I want them set at a level that I can be proud of and will stand for much longer than just 8 months. Now I just have to get my arm back in shape so I can take back my bum skipping record…

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