Is it possible to think that posting another update about another Guinness World Record I broke is getting old? No? I didn’t think so. In that case, let me tell you about my 7th world record. If you have been following my record breaking updates, back in December I broke the record for the fastest mile hopping on one foot while skipping rope. While I was training for that one, I was able to break the record for the fastest mile hopping on one foot (without the jump rope). Last week, I definitively broke that record. Check it out below

Four minutes and 50 seconds faster than the previous record. Not bad. In fact, my goal the entire time walking into this was to break 20 minutes and I was just as shocked as anyone that I finished in the mid 18’s. To give you an idea of where I had been during training, my first quarter mile is normally around 3 minutes 40 seconds, last week I made that same distance in 2 minutes 56 seconds. Yeah, things started out really well. My half mile time is normally around 9.5 minutes, I was cooking at close to 8 minutes on the record day. I can honestly say that since this is the last time I ever hop a mile on one foot (yes I mean that…this time) I couldn’t be happier with how fast I was able to do it.

I had someone ask me afterward how it felt while hopping. Well, the best way to explain it would be to imagine soaking your leg in gasoline, lighting it on fire…then continue using that leg for another 15 minutes. Yes it is that awful. Every time I went out to train for this record I really wanted to quit. Especially when I already had done this back in December and really didn’t want to continue training for it. However, my stubborn streak held out and I forced myself to complete the training, dieting and exhaustive effort that it took to do. Distance records are hard to break, there’s no way around that.

So what’s up next? Since things have finally warmed up a bit, it’s time for me to start training for my underwater jump rope records. One hour of fun holding my breath and swinging a rope around. That almost sounds like as much fun as hopping a mile on one foot. I can’t wait 🙂

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