Today I broke my 8th Guinness World Record. Actually, a better term might be {insert powerful word here} since I doubled the previous record. My wife will be the first to tell you that I am very excited to have this one done because it is my final one footed record! I must be known at the GWR office as the one footed guy due to the plethora of records I have completed by hopping on one foot. Today’s record was for the longest duration hopping on one foot on a treadmill. Check it out.

Looks like fun doesn’t it! Not really. I have spent the past year training for my one footed records and it looks easy now, but I assure you that it is not. This particular record was never even a thought in my head when I initially started training for my one footed mile. However, last winter I was forced into the gym when the weather wasn’t cooperating and did a fair amount of training on the treadmill. As I was flipping through some records on the Guinness website, I noticed that there was a record for hopping on a treadmill. I was already at the 6-7 minute mark and realized that I was breaking the record already!

I signed up for this one and have waited patiently for quite a few months. Why? Well, it turns out that it’s hard getting all the witnesses and time keepers in the same location. You’d think the world record is hard, but I’ve found that sometimes the logistics are even more of a hassle. I needed four certified personal trainers, two as timekeepers and two as witnesses. It was quite a process, but after 2.5 months of searching and juggling schedules, they were all finally available at the same time. We hit up the gym at 7am (trainers tend to be morning people) and it was time to break this record.

My initial goal was in the 6 minute range, but was secretly hoping for more than that. Oddly enough, one of the most difficult things about this record is the mental side. My leg could handle a lot, my head wanting to be finished, not so much. Every second of the record I had to fight my thinking and push myself for just another 30 seconds. This started at the 2 minute mark.

Thankfully I have learned to discipline my mind and body enough that I was able to push this to a new level for me. I had never broken the 8 minute mark in training, but was able to set the new record at 8 minutes 6.5 seconds. I am very happy with that and am officially done with this one footed madness!

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