Yesterday I broke my 9th current Guinness World Records title, this one was for jumping rope underwater the most times in one hour! What!? How does that work? That seems to be the overwhelming response I get when I tell someone what I was training for. Well, it’s hard to describe, but basically, you jump rope while holding your breath as many times as you can for an hour. But no one can hold their breath that long. True…but you don’t have to do the whole thing on just one breath. I’ll explain that in a moment, but to let you in on what I mean by shattered: old world record = 900. New world record = 1,871. This Guinness World Records machine strikes again!

The way this record works is that only the skips completed while you’re fully submerged underwater are counted. The key is to figure out a way to get in a rhythm where you take a breath, drop down, complete as many jumps as you can, come up, take a breath and repeat. Once you figure out this rhythm, you can burn through quite a few jumps in an hour. I would love to explain more, but I have to head on out for a show this afternoon. I will get the video (sped up of course – who would sit through an hour of that except for my uber patient judges) up sometime soon with some explanation of what was going through my head.

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