Every once in a while a newspaper will show up and do an article on me. Most of the time they’re local papers and I rarely get a copy unless I stay close by. However, with the internet it is sometimes possible to find the articles and I just came across one from December when I was in Spokane, WA. You can read the whole article by Clicking Here. The article itself was on a local jump rope club in the Spokane Area, but they did mention me because I performed at one school that was involved with the club. Below are the relevant segments from the article.

Seven-time world champion jump-roper Peter Nestler performed Friday at Balboa Elementary in North Spokane to help that school’s jump-rope club keep up momentum.

He told the captivated grade-school audience that he started jump-roping in 1987, when he was in second grade. By the end of third grade, he was a world champion.

Practice and work hard, Nestler said, and “you can do anything you want.”

“That was cool,” said Jake Healy, a fourth-grader and a member of Balboa’s club. Healy says he likes to jump-rope because “it’s fun. … I mostly do it for my muscles and the activity.”

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