The show last night was really fun. A local elementary school decided to do a family night out and they had me in to provide entertainment for the families before they went home. I always enjoy programs where families are involved since it makes for a very fun, high energy type environment. The program today was a short teaser for the conference attendees (around 1700 people last I heard) and it was a tough 90 seconds for me. I was up right after the last speaker and I sat there listening to him speak on recruiting volunteers, the only bad part was it was quite cool in the room and my legs were as far from being warmed up as possible. When I got up to jump I could barely get off the ground and it really made me think how important warm ups are, especially as I get older. Thankfully that doesn’t happen too often, but it still was a decent demo and the people there seemed most impressed when I jumped on my back.

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