If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list, now is the time to do it! I’m not kidding, I’ve finally got my act together and will be putting out a trick of the month that is exclusively shot for mailing list subscribers. This month I’ll be putting up a trick that I just made up in February and you don’t want to miss it. On a different note, a lot of times when I’m traveling I end up pulling an all nighter right before a 6 am flight. Sunday morning was no different, I was trying to get a project finished for a client (video) and stayed up until 3 to get that done. I then headed to the post office to drop it off (yes at 3 in the morning). I wonder how many people actually visit the post at that time. Drop boxes are a beautiful thing. That’s all for now, don’t be a lame duck and forget to sign up for the mailing list (if you already are, get some friends in on the action). Later.

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