I’m sitting in the house of the world’s strongest man and it just hit me how funny that sounds. I mean, how many careers are out there where you honestly can plan on meeting a bunch of oddballs (in a positive sort of way). I met Dennis Rogers at a program we did together in Tulsa almost 8 years ago. Since then we’ve done so many different video projects, trips and just plain goofing off it’s hard to think of a time before I knew him. He’s been a great friend and has given me so much wonderful business advice I don’t know where I’d be without him. Have you ever met someone who’s brain never shuts off? That’s Dennis. I don’t think there’s anyone else in my life that has the type of vision he does, I honestly believe he’ll be on his death bed rattling off ideas he’s come up with.
On that subject, I just heard a story about the final interview that Walt Disney gave. The short version is that the reporter came in, laid on the bed next to him and listened to him talk about Disney World in Florida (which hadn’t been built yet) and all the things that it would be. It’s so awesome to be around someone with vision, it’s contagious and makes you want to go out and change the world. I’m glad to have one in my life, I’m praying that someday I’ll be the same.

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