We just added Double Dutch Ropes to the store. Make sure to swing on by and pick up a set. We’re offering them for $10 for a 12 foot set so they’re a real steal. We’ve also added Paypal Express checkout to the store so you can get in and out faster if you’re a Paypal user. The final new improvement is that there are now real-time shipping quotes and rates available from the Post Office (this is in addition to the UPS quotes we’ve always offered). With the new rates in effect, as strange as they are, we decided it would be best to make shipping more accurate based upon where you’re located.

I met today with a lawyer who is going to be trying to get some sponsorships for me this upcoming school year. I’m looking to expand the reach of rope skipping around the world and a great way to do that would be to have a major sponsor that can help promote the sport. I’ll keep you posted on what comes of it, but we were both really excited about the prospects. That’s all for today, the weather is gorgeous here so I think I’m going to ride my unicycle for a bit.

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