If you got up early to watch FOX you probably noticed that I wasn’t on there today. The short version is that everything that could have gone wrong yesterday did, thus proving Murphy’s law. I found out Wednesday night that my flight had been cancelled due to weather in Texas. The earliest they could get me in was late tonight, that obviously wouldn’t work so I asked for alternatives. The agent wasn’t helpful at all so I finally came up with an option of flying out of St. Louis. There were 2 seats available so I changed my ticket and my wife and I drove out there yesterday morning to make the flight. I checked in, waited for 3 hours to find the flight was delayed 3-4 times. Finally it was cancelled.
I can understand problems, but instead of just fessing up to the fact that nothing was going to New York they decided to string us along and make us wait forever. I hate it when they do that knowing nothing will work. It was around 5 PM when that finally happened so I decided maybe I could make the drive. I rented a car and took off driving, after about 3 hours my wife had made it home and gave me the bad news, there was no way I could make it there by 7 AM. I talked to the show rep I had set everything up with and they are going to try and re-schedule. I turned around and drove all night back to Tulsa. I slept for a couple hours at a rest stop at 3 this morning and ended up with about 1,200 miles of driving total yesterday. Hideous. To top all that off I took the rental car back and they tried to charge me $450 for the car, which was 4 times more than I had been quoted. I spent an hour on the phone getting it straightened out. Nothing worked yesterday.
The good news is that it will probably be rescheduled and I’ll let you know when that is. The other thing I found out was the possible terrorist threat in London was trumping most of the news this morning so it’s very possible I wouldn’t have been on anyway. Maybe all the problems were simply God trying to give me a different day that will give me much better exposure. It’s amazing how quickly we can blame old Murphy when it’s possible that God’s watching out for you and helping you where you can’t see it. I like to be a half-full glass kinda guy.

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