What a fun week this was! I performed for about 1,100 people on Tuesday at a Spanish Youth for the Nations event. It was quite awesome to say the least. They were a very energetic group which made the program that much more fun for me. It’s so much easier to perform when the crowd is really into what you’re doing. Wednesday had me driving to Arkansas for a program at a community event in Bentonville (home of Wal-Mart). My wife and I didn’t make it to the visitor’s center, but maybe someday we’ll add that to our list of ‘been there, done that’.
The rough script for the Double Dutch video is now finished. Also, after a few last minute changes the final line-up for the video is Nick Woodard, Kelsy Moe and Mike Fry. It’ll be a blast having them all here, though we’ve only got 4 days to film everything so they will be very long days indeed. Thankfully I got my new software in yesterday so I can take advantage of some of the new features that will speed up the acquisition and review process of the video. Less than 2 weeks now until we start!

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