It’s almost Friday which means another week has come and gone. This week was crazy as I performed in in MS, KS, NE and CO. Yesterday was especially tough as I had 3 shows in Nebraska before driving all the way to Denver. It’s really interesting to note the difference in schools when you go from a rural area to a city. The first few days were in, for a lack of a better term, the middle of no where. My wife and I have been watching Smallville lately and we were just waiting to bump into Clark Kent as we went into these very small towns to perform. They were a lot of fun and we really enjoyed being there, but man they were small. Most of the schools this week were k-12 assemblies, which can be some of the toughest shows to do. It’s hard to deliver a program that can entertain a 12th grader and still be interesting to a Kindergarten student. Well, I need to get some sleep, It’s approaching midnight and I have an 8 AM show tomorrow morning.

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