This has been a really good weekend for me. I’m staying with my good friend, Trent Cunningham. He was my partner in crime all through school as we traveled the world jumping rope. He still does some jump rope stuff so I’ve talked him into filming a few episodes of the videoKast with me so you’ll get to learn some stuff from him in the near future. He actually stole one of my nicknames a while back, the Jump Rope Guy, and named his business after it. All I can say is that I was using it first and he stole it, though I’m not to bitter about it. We jokingly call his son ‘Jump Rope Jr.’ as he’s taken quite a liking to being a part of his shows. This next week is going to be crazy as I have 12 shows in Washington, Oregon and California. Then I’ve got 1 more week before a super long haul drive to Texas for a 4 week stint there. It’s going to be nuts, but we’ll enjoy it I’m sure.

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