A little over a week ago I took part in the annual Bouncing Bulldogs workshop. Alicia and I flew out to North Carolina to meet up with some of the best jumpers from around the country and show people what jump rope is all about. It was a long weekend, though oddly enough, for me it was rather less strenuous than normal. I only had 2-3 things in the show that lasted a total of maybe 1 minute of jumping, which is significantly less than my normal 30-45 per show. This was the first time Alicia had been to a workshop so it was a rather unique experience for her. I had fun introducing her to all my old jump rope friends from around the country who have been dying to find out who I had married after 27 years of singleness. It was a really fun weekend and I even got to meet a breakdancing, double dutch team from Japan. They were a real hit at the show as they have a style very different from what the rest of us do. Until next year!
I finally took the time to do some more coding to make pictures easier to upload and attach to these blog posts. So there should be a lot more pictures that you can view!

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