Yesterday was officially the final day of the fall tour for me. I ended up doing 2 shows in the beautiful state of Colorado in an area I’ve never visited before. I started the morning in Durango where I was greeted by a very fun (though admittedly tired) crowd. I performed on a carpeted stage (which isn’t the best jump rope surface), but everything still went great. Alicia and I had a little trouble turning Double Dutch for some volunteers, but it worked out in the end. As soon as we finished up there we packed up everything as quick as possible and drove 3.5 hours to Manassa. We arrived about 3 minutes before we were supposed to start (mainly due to some snow covered roads at the 10,000 foot elevation mark) and were met by the principal. He was kind enough to delay the start by a few minutes as we rushed in and tried to figure out the sound system while systematically setting up the ropes for the show.
This show turned out to be great, and was a perfect way to end the year. During the show I normally pick 6 volunteers to do ‘traveler’ with. This show was a little different because I tried to have all 6 kids jump in the rope at the same time. Normally I only have them jump in pairs, but they were doing amazing so I thought I’d give it a try. I almost got it! I got it under 5 of them, but just couldn’t quite get it under the 6th person. Oh well, it was still a great program.
When we finished there we packed up again and headed to Albuquerque where I had to catch a flight to Phoenix so I could make a connection on Alaska Airlines up to Juneau, AK for Christmas. I had to pack while we were driving so it made for an interesting trip as our dog was kind enough to simply lay across my lap and lick me when I tried to move her. Some days she seems to be queen of the car. I have an all night sitting adventure in the Phoenix airport right now, only 8 more hours to go until my flight to Alaska. Next stop, snow country!

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