Besides a rather uneventful flight yesterday, I was able to get rested up and am playing catch up on most of my e-mails and calls today. I forgot to mention something in the last post. While in Frankenmuth, we went to this shop that had a lot of odds and ends. One of the things they had in stock was some cloth jump ropes. I would never jump with one seriously, but decided to goof around and do some rope tosses while I was waiting on my wife. Just after I put the rope up, some guy who had been watching me came up and asked me to ‘do it again’ for his daughters. I did a couple simple rope tosses which they ooh’d and aah’d over before heading out. It seems that I can’t get away from performance work even when I’m just goofing around. Fun, fun, fun. I head out to Springfield for a couple shows and workshops bright and early tomorrow morning. Should be a fun day!
Reception of the new Trick of the Month has been great! I’ve had loads of people tell me they’re loving the new format and can’t wait for the next one. If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list, best get on the band wagon or you’ll be missing out!
I’ve also attached a couple recent newspaper clippings from some shows I’ve done. Click on the image for the full article and picture. The one with the open-mouthed girl is about my favorite newspaper picture ever. Enjoy.

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