After spending 2 weeks in Alaska, it’s time to return home, my car. Alicia and I head back to Oklahoma to pick up our car, our dog and our stuff. We then head up to Kansas City to start a week in the area before heading north for shows in the nice cold states. I went skiing for the first time in 14 years this week, it was interesting and I’m just as awful as I remember. It was a little embarrassing to see a 7 year old skiing hills that I wouldn’t dream of doing, but that’s why I jump rope for a living.
I went ahead and filmed some new episodes for the videoKast today, I met up with some of my former team mates and we were able to get 3 episodes shot before we were too cold to continue. The room we shot in was awesome, but boy was it cold. No heat at the moment, but we survived. That’s all for now, maybe I should pack or something.

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