Section 2 | Jump Rope Footwork

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The complete section 2 from single rope skills. Includes all 13 footwork skills in one convenient package. You’ll learn the Skier, Bell, Side Straddle, Forward Straddle, the ‘x’, W.W. Kicks and more.
Difficulty: Level I

1 review for Section 2 | Jump Rope Footwork

  1. Hollis Mills

    Peter, thank you so much for your jump rope videos. I saw someone at the gym doing the heel to toe step, simple I know, but it looked nice and everyone always comments to him on what a nice step it is. I wanted to learned it so bad, and I did, as well as many more, due to your wonderful, comprehensive videos. At least now I’m doing something right at the gym! Again, thank you 🙂

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