We went up to Frankenmuth today to check out this rather awesome Bavarian town. If you’ve never been there before I highly recommend going if you don’t have the time/money to get to Germany. They have some great restaurants with authentic German fare and some great places to walk around if you feel like spending a lazy day with a little exploring. It’s late and I have to get up early to catch my flight home tomorrow, have a great day!Read More →

Boy am I sore! The last few weeks I’ve been so caught up working on my computer and the whole situation with the family left me almost no time to workout and today I’m feeling it. My forearms and hands hurt quite a bit from holding the ropes for so many hours this past weekend. It’s amazing how quickly you can lose strength when you take time off from consistent workouts. I’ve got the next few days off before heading home Wednesday then I’ve got a couple shows on Friday in Missouri. I’ll pass along this word of wisdom, keep consistent with your workouts!Read More →

It was rather tough to get out of bed at 5:30 this morning. I had 3 shows today at a church for Easter and the first one was scheduled for 8 AM. I had to be there by 7 to get set up and some days it’s a chore to roll out of bed and be chipper first thing. The shows went great after I finally woke up and I had a great time entertaining and motivating kids to leave all the baggage they may be carrying and start living life the way it’s meant to be lived! A great treat for my wife andRead More →

What an awesome day today was! I woke up and saw that it was snowing! I love snow like no other element and was extremely excited to see it coming down in blankets. The only problem was that my show today was a part of an Easter Egg hunt and the hunt was outside. Thankfully my part was scheduled to be inside so it wouldn’t affect my performance at all, the only question was how many people would actually show up for en egg hunt while it was 25 degrees and snowing. There ended up being about 950 people show up and they all hadRead More →

The other day (4th) I woke up and felt like I was going to hurl, and sure enough, soon after watching everyone eat breakfast, I did. I spent the rest of the day laying on the couch watching some lame tv shows and feeling my stomach gurgle. Not a very fantastic day to say the least. Yesterday was the funeral and I must admit that weddings and funerals are about my least favorite things to attend. Thankfully it was a fitting tribute to a wonderful man and had some laughable moments as people recalled humorous incidents from his full life.Today I finished up the newRead More →

The other day I was arriving at the airport and some guy had decided to drive his motor home into the departure loading area. Unfortunately, his RV was so tall that he got stuck under an overpass and the police had to shut down the whole area for about 20 minutes to get the guy out. It’s always fun to see just how dumb some people can be. If you’re going to drive a rig like that you best figure out at least how tall it is. On a sadder note, Alicia’s grandfather passed away yesterday and the funeral will be on Thursday. I onlyRead More →

If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list, now is the time to do it! I’m not kidding, I’ve finally got my act together and will be putting out a trick of the month that is exclusively shot for mailing list subscribers. This month I’ll be putting up a trick that I just made up in February and you don’t want to miss it. On a different note, a lot of times when I’m traveling I end up pulling an all nighter right before a 6 am flight. Sunday morning was no different, I was trying to get a project finished for a clientRead More →

Welcome to the new blog format. I’ll be posting more regularly now on this page, so make sure you check back often. The old one was too labor intensive to ever do consistently. My show yesterday was cancelled here in Tulsa, sadness indeed. I was scheduled to perform at the annual Eggstravaganza event that one of the local radio stations puts on. It’s usually loads of people and loads of fun. Unfortunately for this year, it’s raining. In fact it’s been raining quite a bit over the last week, but that’s nature for you. It’s been so dry I’d rather have the rain. I’m headedRead More →