A couple days ago I was driving into New York City on my way to Southold, NY (which is on the tip of Long Island about 1.5 hours past NYC). Right after I got some gas I pulled onto the road and was immediately stopped by a cop. He came up to the window and said he was pulling me over for not having a license plate on my trailer. I live in Oklahoma and license plates are not required there for trailers, so it was understandable that he would pull me over since they are required in the New York/New Jersey area. He went back, looked up some info then came back and said we could go. He did ask why we were there and I told him that I performed my jump rope act in schools around the country. He was very interested and so I decided to give him a DVD. He looked at it and asked how much they were and I told him, he said that he wanted to pay for it and help support what we were doing in schools. He was probably the nicest officer I’ve ever met. Alicia and I laughed about it as we drove off since how many people can say that they got paid when stopped by the cops. Fun stuff.
I’m currently rendering out the final videos for the Double Dutch video! Yeah! Once they’re all exported I have to take them into the DVD authoring program and do some work to get the menus created, but things are almost done! Hopefully I’ll be able to get things to the printer Monday or Tuesday.

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