I’ve been sitting here between 2 computers all weekend working frantically to get the Double Dutch video completed. My goal was to have it in the mail on Friday, but certain time constraints kept that from happening. I thought it would be a quick finish on Saturday, but that certainly didn’t happen. Instead I’ve got plenty left to do and it’s almost 10 PM on Sunday, but it is almost done! Pretty much the only thing that’s left, is for me to watch the entire video and make sure there are no errors in my master disks. If that goes well it will be mailed out to the printer tomorrow. I’m so excited to have this almost completed, it’s been a long year since I first came up with the concept and I can’t wait to get it out there for people to use. I have gone ahead and added it to the store as a pre-order item. If you’d like to purchase it now I am offering a discounted price until the time I receive the physical copies back from the printer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pick one up at a very low price.
Due to the excessive time spent editing over the last 2 weeks, there will be no videoKast episode this week as I haven’t had time to film one, but I will try to get one done this week and have it up next Monday.

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