I’m sure you’ve been worried about me if you read this blog somewhat consistently, since I haven’t posted in quite some time. I’ve been taking a bit of a break from some of the computer stuff for the last couple weeks so I can recoup. I finally finished the Double Dutch and Chinese Wheel Instructional DVD, it got mailed off to the printer and they’re supposed to get them shipped back to me sometime this week. They were scheduled to be mailed 2 days ago, but the printer had a problem with one of their machines and had to push back my release date for a few days to fix it. Things like that happen so I’m not worried. They’ll be here soon. Speaking of which, I’m offering a pre-order special on it so swing by the store to pick it up at a discounted price.
You may have noticed that the videoKast has taken a bit of a breather as well. Episode 24 actually completed a full year of them without any missed episodes so I decided to take a little while off and get ready for the second year. The first year is now available on DVD if you want to pick that up.
Anyway, I’m sitting in my car driving up to Virginia after a short weekend at a friend’s house in North Carolina (and by house I do mean house, they took off to the beach and left us alone all weekend, which was fun). We’ll get to meet back up with them again next weekend when I’ll be shooting a bunch of episodes of the videoKast with him and another jump rope team so be watching for that. That’s all for now, time to get some rest as my wife drives.

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