I’m sitting in New York at one of the final schools for this school year’s tour. The students are preparing for a concert and I’m waiting for them to finish up so I can get warmed up for my show. What a great year this has been, it’s crazy to think that I’ve performed about 360 programs in the past 9 months and I’m still standing! I can definitely feel that my legs are quite tired and I need a break. This weekend I get 3 whole days off before I have a program back in Oklahoma for a library, but after that I’ll have a few weeks off without jumping.
I’ve got a load of projects that I’ll be working on over the summer so I’m not worried about getting bored. The brand new Double Dutch DVD’s are out if you are interested in picking up a copy, plus we’ve got the first year of the videoKast available on DVD as well. The second season has started so make sure you swing by to check that out. Have a great week, I’ll be making the most of my last few schools.

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