I think it’s about time to let this out, I’ll be hosting a brand new podcast on rope skipping! Because I’m not too keen on overused phrases it will be titled the Rope Masters VideoKast and the first episode will be out very soon. The goal of the videokast will be to provide a free resource on rope skipping where you can learn new skills taught by some of the best rope jumpers in the world. The initial episodes will be featuring myself (big surprise I’m sure), though as I begin traveling this year I’ll be hand picking some of the best jumpers to teach some of the skills that have made them what they are. It will be covering all aspects of rope skipping (not just single rope) so you’ll want to make sure you grab every episode, there’s no telling what will be taught!
The first episode should be out within the next week, and I’ll be trying to have new ones posted every 2 weeks or so. I’ll also be putting it up on iTunes and my goal is to really expand people’s recognition of rope jumping around the world. That’s where you come in. Since iTunes is based on popularity I’ll need everyone who has a passing interest in rope skipping to sign up so that we can get it to the top of the health and fitness section. More details on that will come in the near future. That’s the big news for today. I’m finishing up the intro for the first episode right now, be watching for it!

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