The test shoot yesterday for the upcoming double dutch video went great! I was able to get a lot of footage to determine what will look best in the room and I got the first episode of the upcoming videocast shot. At the end of the day my wife and I decided to goof around with my glowsticks and we did some painting with light. I’ll be putting some of the better pictures up on the multimedia section, but it was really fun. Basically I was able to get some very cool glow rope pictures. The room we were in was perfect for it since the floor was very reflective and you can see the shadow of the glowsticks as well as the real ones.
I had a voice actor come over last night to do the dialogue for the intro of the videocast, it sounded very cool and I can’t wait to mix that in with the video that’s already done. Today I’m meeting up with a reporter from the Tulsa World who will be doing an article on me for the newspaper. I don’t really know what it entails, but I’ll put the article up when it’s done. Quite a bit has been happening the last few days, life is never boring when jump rope is the means for living.

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