Due to a miscommunication I actually got to go home for the past couple of days. Well, home is relative as my house is rented out and I technically don’t have a home at the moment, but I am staying near my house. Anyway, I went by today to check on some stuff and I found my annual ‘we love you’ present from Alaska Airlines. Every year I get a box of cookies because I’m at the top of their frequent flier program. It’s always a funny thing to tell people, I fly enough that they want me to be happy. It’s good stuff.
On a different note, I head out to California on Friday after a few days of not traveling. I’d like to say I’ve been taking it easy, but you’ve probably noticed some changes to the website. I’ve been working on updating stuff to make things more content oriented and more accessible. The new fitness article ‘Strength vs. Power’ is now available and I’ve also finished up an rss feed for that page so you can get the full-length article through your favorite rss reader. That’s all for now, Happy Thanksgiving!

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