I don’t even know where to begin. So much has happened since I left Oklahoma it’s hard to remember. First off, we drove straight through from Oklahoma to California (about 30 hours in all). After arriving we stayed with my cousin to recuperate before starting the tour schedule up again that Monday. We spent the whole week driving around from Sacramento to the mountains north of Napa Valley, to the mountains just west of Yosemite. It was a crazy week with plenty of crazy happenings.
I have to say that driving can be a bit boring, but the mountains in California leave no room for napping. We’ve been on some of the most windy, crooked, break your neck roads imagineable and they’re everywhere! It’s such a pain to be forced to drive 25-35 mph just because the roads are so crooked. We probably came across the worst of it when we got taken onto a side road just outside Yosemite. We followed our gps into the heart of terror as we were driving around a windy, dirt road with 2 foot ruts in the middle and no discernible way through.
After plowing through this for about an hour we got stuck on an uphill so bad that we were forced to unhitch the trailer, unload everything, rehook the trailer and finally reload it. This took 2.5 hours and then we found the road ended and we had to go all the way back where we started. It tore the jeep up and we’ve been trying to piece it back together since.
On a positive note, the schools we visited in the mountains were so awesome and we had a great time hanging out with the students. One school had a sign labeling it ‘Rope Master Day’. It was really neat, especially when a young boy yelled out in front of a group of waiting parents ‘Rope Master, You Rock!’. They all laughed and I tried to sneak out of there quickly while they tried to figure out just who I was. That’s about it for now, I’ve got 12 shows this week and I’m going to try and stay up with this blogging thing a bit better the rest of the month. Later.

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